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Is It Better To Live In Abuja Or Lagos?

Is It Better To Live In Abuja Or Lagos?

Is it better to live in Abuja or Lagos? This is one of those questions that people will go on asking as long Abuja and Lagos exist.

As humans, we have this inherent tendency to compare things that seem to be competing. And this tendency to compare things is why the question of whether it is better to live in Abuja or Lagos even exists at all.

This is a blog about Abuja so a little bias towards Abuja might prevail. But I promise, I will try to keep that at bay as much as possible as I talk about whether it is better to live in Abuja or Lagos.

The thing is wherever you choose to live anywhere in Nigeria is mostly based on what you like as a person and what would favor the kind of lifestyle that you have found yourself gravitating towards. That is for certain.

Abuja and Lagos are both amazing places in their own rights. They both have their good sides and not so good sides. But regardless of those, some features that one place has that probably does not exist in the other might be the deal breaker for you. And we will be looking at those features in this article. At the end of the day, it would still be up to you to make the decision that suits you or your preferences the most.

Which Is Better To Live In: Abuja or Lagos?

There are some questions you might want to look at to be able to decide which of both places would be ideal for you. We will explore them together in subsequent paragraphs.

Quiet and Peaceful or Loud and Bustling?

Lagos is described, rightfully so, as a place that never sleeps. The city is mighty populated which contributes to all the hubbub. Abuja on the other hand is moderately populated making the city a serene and calm place.

Population also has it effects on the infrastructures present in a place. That means the infrastructures in Lagos suffers under the weight of such a large population while in Abuja, you have access to infrastructures that are better maintained.

So ask yourself, would you be able to live at the pace of a place like Lagos or would you prefer a place where you would be able to go easy?

What Is The Quality Of Life You Want?

Would you want to spend hours on the road trying to get to work or would you love to totally scrap that out? In Lagos, it is a constant rush against traffic while Abuja is much more laid back in that aspect.

Pollution is something you would have to struggle with in Lagos. Too many people living in a building is something else. Abuja on the other hand is a more organized city with large, wide roads to accommodate everyone.

Are You Looking For Business Or Work Opportunities?

When it comes to business or work opportunities, is it Abuja or Lagos? Both places have their fair share of opportunities but Lagos might have the upper hand here.

Lagos has a robust economy. That is why so many enterprises of all sizes succeed there. The large population in Lagos is a plus for people who are looking to start a business.

Just as business opportunities abound in Lagos, so do job opportunities. That is not to say you won’t find opportunities in Abuja. But in this aspect, Lagos seems to have the upper hand.

Where Would You Get The Most Entertainment?

Abuja or Lagos

Abuja or Lagos? This goes to Lagos, no doubt. So many celebrity-owned clubs can be found in Lagos. But there is no entertainment you can get in Lagos that you wouldn’t be able to get in Abuja, especially in places like Wuse.

What Is The Cost Of Living?

Abuja or Lagos

In high-end areas of both Lagos and Abuja, homes are expensive. Because, well, they are high-end. But in both places, you can also find areas where they have affordable housing that suits your budget.

Transportation is cheaper in Abuja than in Lagos. Surprising, I know.

What Is The Level Of Security?

Abuja is a relatively safe place being the seat of power and all. Some security measures that are in place in Abuja might be missing in Lagos. So if you want security and safety, Abuja has the upper hand.


So which would it be? Abuja or Lagos? That is totally up to you. If you are planning to relocate to Abuja from Lagos, check out our detailed guide on how to relocate from Lagos to Abuja. And if you would love to know what first-timers in Abuja think of the place, check out first-time visitors’ impressions of Abuja. And keep following Around Abuja blog to learn more about the city.

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