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Abuja to Ibadan Flight: Complete Information

Abuja to Ibadan Flight: Complete Information

Flight from Abuja ABV International Airport to Ibadan Oyo State is a daily routine. Lots of Businessmen and others travel to Ibadan for different purposes. Here’s a piece of complete information on the Abuja to Ibadan flight.

If you are unaware of the distance, travel time, and cost of a flight ticket for the trip, this article will provide all the information you need to know about it.

Some Facts about Ibadan

Ibadan is the capital city of Oyo state, located in the South-Western part of the state. The city is the third-largest city by population in Nigeria.

Ibadan city was created in 1829 as a war camp for war heroes that arrived in Oyo state. The camp has ranges of mountains, hills, and forests serving as fortresses.

More so, Ibadan is the fourth-largest economy in the nation. It has 11 local government areas, consisting of five urban local governments in the city and six-semi urban local governments.

It’s well known for being a trade center for natural resources like cotton, Palm oil, rubber, kaolin, cocoa, timber, cassava, etc.

Do you intend to travel to Ibadan from ABV now or any sooner? Below is a synopsis of what will give a clue about your movement.

Summary of Flight from Abuja to Ibadan

  • Time of Flight: 1 hour
  • Flying Distance: 536 km 
  • Average Flights Price: $41 – $100 (₦23,000 – ₦45,000)
  • Boarding Time: 6 am
  • Flight Time: 1hr
  • Train Ticket: N/A

Distance from Abuja to Ibadan by Flight

The flight distance from Abuja to Ibadan is 264 miles or 425 kilometers (229 nautical miles). The approximated distance is the straight line or direct flight distance.

The nearest airport to Abuja is the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and the nearest airport to Ibadan is Ibadan Airport.

Flight Price from Abuja to Ibadan

The Overall Flight prices from Abuja (ABV) to Ibadan vary between $41 and $100

 (₦45,000 –  ₦75,000) for a direct flight.

For a return flight, the price ranges between $45 and $120 (₦46,000 to

₦77,000). The price difference may be due to the time of booking, Airlines, and season.

First class, economy class, or business class flight tickets, all vary with Airline operators.

You are at liberty to make additional inquiries regarding flight ticket prices for either early flights or last-minute flights.

Airlines that Fly Abuja to Ibadan

A couple of local airlines fly from Abuja to Ibadan daily. The price of tickets from these airlines differs due to management, weather conditions, or scheduled flights.

Below are listed airlines that fly people from Abuja (ABV) to Ibadan.

On reaching Ibadan, you will be surprised to see beautiful environs and amazing buildings that appear very enticing.

Bower tower, Agodi Garden, UI Zoo, Topfat Art gallery, and lots more to mention are visible pleasure parks that everyone will love to visit.

Interestingly, there are also lots of classy hotels in good locations where visitors can relax and chill.

The people of Ibadan love and appreciate visitors from all walks of life. Your hospitality is guaranteed as you arrive.

Wish safe journey from Abuja.

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