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Abuja vs Lagos: Which is a Better Place to Live in?

Abuja vs Lagos: Which is a Better Place to Live in?

The debate on the best place to live between Abuja and Lagos has been going on for a very long time and is still going on. In this article, we take Abuja vs Lagos, which city is best for living.

The most important thing to take note of here is that people relocate to both Abuja and Lagos on a daily basis. While Abuja is Nigeria’s current capital city, Lagos has been the capital until the year 1991 when the Federal Capital Territory was relocated to Abuja by the military administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida.

Before we go in further, let’s get a summary of our comparison.

Abuja vs Lagos Quick Summary

Cost of LivingBetterGood
Quality of LifeBetterGood

Abuja vs Lagos: Economy

Despite the fact that Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, Lagos has the biggest economy. There is a good number of small, large, and medium scale industries located in Lagos than in Abuja. Hence, Lagos in this instance can be said to outshine Abuja because of the available job and investment opportunities.

Abuja vs Lagos – Cost of Living

Is Abuja cheaper than Lagos?

Looking at the cost of living, Abuja is relatively cheap to live in and survive in than Lagos. In Abuja, you will always have a lifestyle to match your pocket, and that is very true. Think about it, from the accommodation, feeding, and transportation, Abuja is just the place for almost all income classes.

Abuja vs Lagos – Security  

Abuja, being the seat of government of the country is no doubt more secure than Lagos. Abuja can be said to be a safe haven for both commercial and residential activities due to the presence of security officials in and around the city. The awawa boys and the one million boys have made kidnappings incessant in Lagos, making the city’s estates very unsafe.

Abuja vs Lagos – Serenity

To be honest, Lagos cannot be linked with serenity due to the large troop of people. When you are talking about serenity, Abuja is the place for you. The city is relatively quiet, beautiful, and serene despite the high population.

Also, the climate in Abuja is relatively ok.

Quality of Life in Abuja vs Lagos

Lagos has witnessed serious infrastructural decay and pollution. This has made it very stressful to live. Abuja on the other hand is orderly as the town is in strict adherence to town planning laws. There are also large roads to accommodate the growing number of residents, making it easy and stress-free to drive around the town.

Entertainment in Abuja vs Lagos

In this regard, we say that Lagos outshines Abuja as the entertainment capital of not only Nigeria but Africa at large. Lagos houses the biggest movie, music, and television studios one can think of in Nigeria. Talking about nightlife in Abuja, this is nothing compared to Lagos.


While Abuja is a serene environment with well-laid roads and interesting people to meet from all across the globe, Lagos boasts great nightlife and a robust economy.

If you are an introverted personality, then Abuja is the place for you. A good place to start knowing your new home better is by exploring the pros and cons of living in Abuja.

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