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How to Relocate From Bauchi to Abuja

How to Relocate From Bauchi to Abuja

Bauchi is one of the biggest towns in North East Nigeria. It is the capital of Bauchi State, and shares a border with Jos Plateau to the north, and has an elevation of 616m above sea level.

Here’s how you can easily relocate from Bauchi to Abuja. But first, here’s a quick summary of the important information you need to know.

Bauchi to Abuja Quick Facts

Distance: 409.3 km (via A3)

Travel Time: 5 hr. 33 min (by road)

Average Price: $13 – $21

Flight Ticket: $190 – $240

Flight Time: 50 min

Train Ticket: N/A

Traveling from Bauchi to Abuja

There are three years to travel from Bauchi to Abuja.

  • Going by Taxi: It takes about 5 hours and 33 minutes to travel by Taxi, and you are expected to spend around $90 – $120.
  • Public Transport: If you are looking for a cheaper option for going by road, then public transport is there for you. The distance is the same as going by Taxi, and you will spend only about $13 – $21.
  • Flight: This is the fastest way to get to Abuja from Bauchi is to take a 50 min flight from Bauchi (BCU) to Abuja (ABV). This will cost you around $190 – $240.

Bauchi to Abuja Route

There are two major routes that can get you to Abuja from Bauchi. They are as follows:

  • Via A3: The distance to be covered is about 409.3 km and takes 6 hours 38 minutes.
  • Via Makurdi – Jos Rd/A3: This route takes approximately 7 hours and 5 minutes on a 440.9 km long road.

Bauchi to Abuja Cost of Transportation

Depending on whether you are using public transport, going by taxi, or Air, Bauchi to Abuja cost of transportation varies. It is advisable that you choose the best option.

On average, you are expected to spend nothing less than $21 if you are going by public transport. For the taxi, please budget about $100 and then about $120 for the flight.

Some of the notable transport companies that provide moving services from Bauchi to Abuja include:

  • Yankari Express
  • Benue Links
  • Cross Country
  • Okeke Transport Company
  • Sadicom Express


Bauchi to Abuja by Air

Luckily enough, there is an airport in Bauchi and direct flights are available from Bauchi (BCU) to Abuja (ABV). The flight takes approximately 50 minutes and costs, on average, between $190 and $240.

The fastest way to get to Abuja from Bauchi is by flight.

How to Move your Luggage from Bauchi to Abuja

Moving your luggage from Bauchi to Abuja is relatively easy. In addition to popularly known shipping companies like DHL, and FedEx. The Nigeria Postal Service also provides shipment options for light and heavy luggage.

Then of course there are other moving companies that may help you with whatever you want to move from the city of Bauchi to the FCT.


We have compiled this brief location guide to ease your movement from Bauchi to Abuja, hoping that you enjoyed reading through it and also hoping that the article has provided you with the most basic information you require in order to make your move.

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