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Is There A Beach In ABuja?

Is There A Beach In ABuja?

Have you been wondering if there is a beach in Abuja? Read on to find out.

Abuja is a lovely city and it is growing rapidly. The city offers you so many things to do and experience. There are so many sights to see because when it comes to architectural buildings, and parks, and beautiful places, Abuja doesn’t lack in those things. And the excellent shopping opportunities Abuja offers for all tastes and budgets is just awesome.

Is There A Beach In Abuja?

beach in abuja

Despite all the things you can enjoy in Abuja though, a beach is not one of them. So, no, Abuja does not have a beach. And you can’t blame the city for not having one. This one is solely on nature.

Abuja is not a coastal city. It is located in the very heart of the country. So unlike Lagos or Ondo State, Abuja is not located near the sea or ocean or any water body. So there is simply no way for there to be a beach in Abuja.

The only water body in Abuja is the Jabi lake. So if you want something that can compare to a beach experience, you can always go to the Jabi lake.

Jabi Lake

beach in abuja

Jabi lake is a man-made lake situated in the Jabi District. It was created initially with the aim to provide water to the residents. But after the Usuma Dam was built, the lake became an attraction for both locals and tourists. The lake beautifies the city even more and it provides all forms of recreational activities to the residents and tourists.

beach in abuja

At the edge of Jabi lake is the Jabi Lake Mall that sells everything from electronics to clothing and accessories to furniture. If you need a place that would give you an enjoyable shopping experience, Jabi Lake Mall is an excellent choice.

Jabi Lake is a great place to relax and enjoy some beautiful moments in the midst of abundant trees and lush greeneries around the lake. It is a popular tourist attraction where you can go for a walk and just bask in the beauty.

Jabi Lake has been described as one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa, one of the reasons why it is such a great spot for tourist attraction. The scenic beauty and amazing views that you get when you got here on any given day or night is breathtaking. And there are other activities to enjoy including boating, kayaking, fishing, and waterskiing.

Even though Abuja does not have a beach, I think that is more than made up for with the existence of Jabi Lake. So if you want to have an experience similar to going to a beach, Jabi Lake is the closest thing to that.

Do you wish there was a beach in Abuja? Let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

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