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Where Are Cheap Places To Live In Abuja?

Where Are Cheap Places To Live In Abuja?

Abuja is an expensive city. Maybe not as expensive as Lagos but it is an expensive city to live in. But if you are wondering if it is possible to find affordable and cheap places to live in Abuja, keep on reading this article to find out.

According to a study carried out in 2021 by Mercer to find out the most expensive cities in Africa, Abuja came out at the 85th position. Expats found that hard to believe because they were in search of a place where they don’t have to spend so much in Nigeria and yet Abuja still managed to have that ranking.

But no matter how expensive a place is, people of average income still find a way to survive. There must always be those parts of the city that is still affordable enough for average income earners to thrive in. And that will be the focus of this article, cheap places to live in Abuja.

Cheap Places To Live In Abuja

If you are a middle or low class income earner, the following places are the most affordable places to live in Abuja.


Kubwa is mostly a residential area. Power supply is decent and water is in good supply. Rent in Kubwa is between the ranges of 150 000 naira and 1 500 000 naira for three bedroom apartments a year. So that means you can find houses of one or two bedrooms for lower.

Kubwa is between 20 and 30 minutes away from Abuja Central Business District and it is serviced by the Murtala Mohammed Expressway.


Lugbe is one of the cheap places to live in Abuja. Water and power supply is pretty good. And the price range three bedroom flats year is between 350 000 naira and 2 000 000 naira. The presence of the airport road in Lugbe causes a slightly heavy traffic in the early mornings. And there are banks are affordable markets servicing this district.


Kuje is still developing although new infrastructures and amenities are in the works. That is one of the reasons it’s a very affordable place to live in. You can find accommodations ranging between 200 000 naira and 700 000 naira or cheaper.


Dawaki is developing fast, with real estate developers putting more efforts into making properties available at more affordable rates.

You can find accommodations ranging between 350 000 naira and 800 000 naira or less.

Other Cheap Places In Abuja

  • Galadimawa
  • Lokogoma
  • Jikwoyi
  • Karu

Accommodation is quite affordable in these places and other economic activities that gone on in these places will not drain you too much financially.

If you enjoyed this article, you should also check out the best places in Abuja to live in.

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