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Cons of Living in Abuja: Get to know the Flipside

Cons of Living in Abuja: Get to know the Flipside

In one of our related articles, we have seen the advantages of living in Abuja. In this article, however, we are going to toss the coin over and see what’s on the other side. Here are the important cons of living in Abuja to take note of.

Cons of Living in Abuja

In this section, we look at some of the notable disadvantages of living in Abuja, Nigeria. Here are the most worthy to note cons of living in Abuja:

Weak Freedom of Speech

It is sad to mention this, but freedom of speech in Abuja is very weak. On paper, there is freedom of speech. However, this has not fully translated into the lives of the inhabitants of the city as there are many state restrictions on what you can say and what you cannot say. A lot is considered “hate speech” in Abuja.

Not very Democratic

Democracy is another aspect that exists only as a theory. In practice, Abuja is not very democratic as it seems to be. Decisions and power lie in the hands of a very select few, and they use it mostly to their own advantage and that of their families.

Not very Safe

Generally, Nigeria as a whole can be said to be unsafe due to incessant cases of insecurity and banditry. Although Abuja has not witnessed much of these until recent times, we can generally say that security and safety have been compromised.

Very Slow Internet

The internet service in Abuja is considerably awful. Internet speeds range from 5mbps to 20mbps. High-speed internet comes at a cost, and the average citizen cannot actually afford that.

Difficult to do business

The business environment in Nigeria is not very friendly. For one, the laws guiding the establishment of business are very stringent. Also, the government has not made credit facilities accessible for the citizens and hence most people with business ideas end up having such only on paper.

Low Quality of Education

Education is very poor in Nigeria, as a whole and Abuja is not an exception. There are good schools, but the average person living in Abuja may not enjoy the best schools due to the high cost associated with such schools.

Hospitals are not too great

Healthcare services are not very great, especially for the low class in society. The rich and the affluent fly abroad for medical treatment, leaving the poor at the mercy of government hospitals and a few good private hospitals that charge high for not-too-great medical services.

Very Dangerous Roads

Abuja roads are dangerous, especially at night. There are places you will need to keep off in order to be safe. Some of the roads are characterized by armed robbery and pick-pocketing. Please ensure you know your ways before traveling certain routes, especially late at night. Hence, you may want to keep your nightlife in Abuja in check.

Hostile towards LGBTQ+

Nigeria is a very religious country, and as such has not adopted any legislation for the LGBTQ+ community. If you happen to be a member of this community, you may want to keep your orientation secretive so as not to be misinterpreted or discriminated against.


There is no city without disadvantages, and because we have outlined the disadvantages do mean Abuja is a no-go area. But it is always good to know where you are stepping, so as to be extra careful and do all the needful.

Despite the disadvantages, Abuja is a city full of excitement and many good sides. We encourage people to always check the positive and the negative aspects in order to be well informed.


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