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Cost of Living in Abuja: Best Prices of Food, Rent, Groceries, Transport, and more

Cost of Living in Abuja: Best Prices of Food, Rent, Groceries, Transport, and more

As a new person relocating to Abuja from any part of the world, the first question you will definitely ask yourself is what the cost of living in Abuja is. Well here’s a quick heads up, Abuja is relatively expensive though cheaper than Lagos.

 Also, it is good that you know that Abuja is relatively more expensive than most cities in Africa. That includes places like Nairobi, Johannesburg, etc.

Cost of Accommodation in Abuja

Accommodation in Abuja is high – in fact, it surpasses the salaries or wages of some working-class professionals. Renting contracts are usually made bi-annually, with most landlords requiring an upfront payment and not monthly installments.

Below is a summary of the cost of accommodation in Abuja, with related housing utilities.

Rent and Utilities

One-bedroom apartment (city center)NGN 65,000 ($150.33)
One-bedroom apartment (outskirts)NGN 25,000 ($57.82)
Three-bedroom apartment (city center)NGN 180,000 ($416.31)
Three-bedroom apartment (outskirts)NGN 70,000 ($161.90)
Utility bill fr one person (electricity, water, heating etc)NGN 12,000 ($27.75)
Utility bill fr one person (electricity, water, heating etc)NGN 17,000 ($39.32)
Internet plan 50 mbs+ one month unlimitedNGN15,000 ($34.69)
Apartment price (city center)NGN 5,400,000 ($12489.30)
Apartment price in the suburbsNGN 5,100,000 ($11795.45)
Monthly Cost of Accommodation in Abuja

Why is Rent Expensive in Abuja

Abuja receives a large in-flux of people annually from all parts of the world. As a result of this migration, housing and accommodation becomes major challenge to cater for the growing population. The prices get too high and exorbitant for low income earners to afford.

Cost of Transportation in Abuja

Abuja has one of the best roads in Nigeria, there are no rickshaws and okada (commercial motorcycles) have been banned from operating within the city center. You will hardly experience potholes, and traffic wardens are well spread out in addition to traffic light that control flow of motorists.

Below is a summary of the cost of transportation in Abuja:

  • Local transport ticket: NGN 350 ($ 0.82)
  • Monthly ticket (local transport): NGN 12,100 ($ 28)
  • Taxi Ride: NGN 300 per km  ($0.69)
  • Petrol/Gas: NGN 177 ($0.41)

Cost of Shopping in Abuja

When you are considering local food, then we can say that you are about to live an economic life. The cost of Western food items, however, is significantly high.

The case is the same when it comes to clothes – Western wears cost higher than locally made clothes. If you are going for cheaper Western clothes, then we strongly advise that you go for second hand wears. The following table shows the prices of most common groceries that you may need to know prices of:


Milk (1 L)NGN 1,000 ($2.31)
Bread (o.5 kg or 1 lb)NGN 500 ($1.16)
Rice (1kg or 2.2 lb)NGN 850 ($1.96)
Eggs x 12NGN 850 ($1.97)
Water 1 ltNGN 150 ($0.35)
Coca-Cola/PepsiNGN 300 ($0.69)
Wine (750 ml bottle)NGN 2,500 ($5.63)
BeerNGN 400 ($0.93)
Toilet paper (4 rolls)NGN 400 ($0.93)
ToothpasteNGN 500 ($1.16)

Cost of Restaurant Food in Abuja

In case you may want to eat out, we have summarized the average cost of restaurant food in Abuja.

  • Lunch menu: $3.51
  • Dinner for 2: $32.1
  • Fast food (McDonald’s Equivalent): $4.77
  • Cappuccino: $2.57

Other Cost of Living in Abuja

Monthly Gym Membership$41.3
Cinema ticket$5.72
Brand Sneakers$58.8
Brand Jeans$19.8
Doctor’s visit$15.1


The costs provided in this article are provided based on comparisons of different prices, and they are subject to change almost on a daily basis. Also, you may notice some inconsistencies in the prices and this is a very normal occurrence.

Also note that prices may vary based on the product type of service provider, time period, and other forces that control prices.

Thank you for reading, stay with us at

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