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What is the Distance between Abuja and Ado Ekiti?

What is the Distance between Abuja and Ado Ekiti?

In this article, we take a look at the distance between Abuja and Ado Ekiti and the travel duration by road. The information provided here will be a brief and complete answer to the question “What is the distance between Abuja and Ado Ekiti by road?”

The next section highlights a few quick tips to keep handy.

Quick Facts

  • Distance by Road: 297 km
  • Distance by Air: 160 nautical miles.
  • Fastest Route: Via A2
  • Time Duration by Bus: 6 hr 23 min
  • Time Duration by Flight: 3 hr 27 mins
  • Bus Ticket Price: $14 – $22
  • Flight Ticket Price: $169 -$327

How Many Hours is Ado Ekiti from Abuja by Road?

The journey from Abuja to Ado Ekiti takes approximately 6 hours and 23 minutes. Several factors may account for slight differences in arrival times.

  • Bad roads
  • The number of checkpoints encountered while traveling.
  • Weather conditions at the time of travel.

How Many Hours is Ado Ekiti from Abuja by Air?

There is no direct flight from Abuja to Ado Ekiti. However, you can fly to Akure and then take a taxi to Ado Ekiti this could take about 3 hours and 27 minutes.

How much is Abuja to Ado Ekiti by Road?

On average, you will spend somewhere around $14 to $22. This price will definitely depend on various factors resulting in slight variations.

  • Festive periods.
  • Fuel pump prices at the time.
  • Availability of passengers willing to travel at the time.

 How much is Abuja to Ado Ekiti by Air?

It is advisable you budget around $169 – $327. This price might vary between travel companies and from time to time.

What to Consider when Choosing Abuja to Ado Ekiti

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a bus for your Abuja-Ado Ekiti trip.


The route that the bus takes is a very important determinant factor when considering the bus to choose. If there are alternative routes to be taken apart from the one you know, seek out answers as to why.


How much do you want to budget for this journey? This is a very important factor when selecting a bus from Abuja to Ado Ekiti because there are many transport companies with prices that vary, it is advisable that you choose a bus that is in line with your budget.

 You don’t want to arrive at Ado Ekiti on a tight budget.


If you want to get to Ado Ekiti early, then you must consider buses with early take-off times. Late buses will cause unnecessary delays which may affect the time you will eventually get to your destination.

These questions and more of the likes will help determine the kind of bus you are to board. 


Consider your convenience and comfort also. Make sure you take buses that are sound, with air conditioners if you can afford to, and with adequate spacing or preferable sitting arrangements.

Ask yourself these questions. Your answer will tell you what bus to choose for the Abuja-Ado Ekiti Journey.

Important Travel Tips

These suggestions can be very useful to people traveling to Ado Ekiti for the first time:

  1. Due to insurgencies and security challenges. Nigerian highways are no longer safe for travelers.
  2. On the night before the journey, make sure you get some proper sleep.
  3. Leave your house early for the bus terminal so that you will get to your destination early.
  4. Do not over-socialize with some passengers. Some people travel with criminal intentions.
  5.  Maintain a steady communication flow both ways- that is with someone at home and the destination you are going.
  6. Keep your valuables where you can see them. Only heavy luggage should be in the trunk, also make sure they are properly sealed.

Hope that this article helps in facilitating your trip from Abuja to Ado Ekiti.

With this, says, enjoy your trip.

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