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What is the Distance between Abuja and Asaba?

What is the Distance between Abuja and Asaba?

In this travel guide, we answer the question everybody traveling from Abuja to Asaba will ask: what is the distance between Abuja and Asaba?

Asaba, the capital of Delta State, is located in the southern region of Nigeria. It is among the popular oil-rich cities in Nigeria.

Asaba is known for a variety of social activities and amenities. And because of the high population in this area, there are reported cases of criminal activities such as pickpocketing, stealing robbery, gang and cultist activities, etc. It is good that you know, so as to safeguard yourself.

Now let’s get the basic facts as it concerns your trip.

Abuja to Asaba Quick Facts

  • Distance by Road: 472.2 km via A2
  • Distance by Air: 178 nautical miles
  • Fastest Route: Via A2
  • Travel Duration by Road: 8 hr 2 min
  • Travel Duration by flight: 1 hr 15 min
  • Bus Ticket Price: $21 – $23
  • Flight Ticket price: $161 – $187

Distance from Abuja to Asaba by Road

The distance between Abuja and Asaba via A2 (the fastest route) is 472.2 km, and it will take you about 8 hours and 2 minutes to get to your destination.

Distance from Abuja to Asaba by Flight

The distance between Abuja to Asaba by flight is 178 nautical miles and the flight duration is 1 hour 15 minutes.

How much is Abuja to Asaba by Road?

It will cost you approximately $21 – $23 to travel from Abuja to Asaba by road. This is an estimated average; prices may vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • State of the road
  • How convenient the car is.
  • Period/ Time of travel.
  • Availability of buses.

How much is Abuja to Asaba by Flight

To fly from Abuja to Asaba, you will need to spend around $161 – $187. The total distance between Abuja and Asaba by air is 178 nautical miles and it takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes for this flight.

Choosing a Bus from Abuja to Asaba

While there are so many companies plying this road, it is in your best interest to choose a bus that meets your needs and standard.

Here are a few things to consider.


Your pocket matters. It is always good if you work with your budget while selecting the best bus to board this Abuja – Asaba journey.

If your budget is not in line with what the transport company is charging, kindly look for another one.

There might be other transport companies that would match your budget.


Choose a travel company that has better seating arrangements so as to avoid cramps and the tendency of being sandwiched between other passengers. Also, choose a bus that looks stronger so as to avoid delays due to mechanical issues and faults during your journey.

The proximity of the Terminal to your Home

The location of the park matters. Is the park located near your home? You really don’t want to spend extra cash trying to get a taxi to a terminal far away when you could opt for one closer to your house and channel that extra cash to something more profitable.


With the surge of insecurity and insurgencies in the country, insure that you ask questions concerning the route the bus you are boarding normally plies. If you have reservations, please look for other buses that you would prefer.

Important Tips for First-Time Travelers

  • Empty your bowels before leaving your house.
  • Keep your most valuable possessions in sight. Only heavy luggage should get into the trunk.
  • Be careful while socializing with other passengers, and avoid divulging sensitive information about yourself in the course of conversation.
  • Fill in your personal information on the passenger manifesto sheet or booklet provided by the transport company.
  • Always avoid heavy meals on the night before and during the journey.
  • Be security conscious and extra careful while in Asaba and always avoid hanging out late at night, especially around the suburbs.

Do have a Safe Journey.

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