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Duboyi Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Duboyi Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Are you looking for helpful information about Duboyi Abuja? This article is about that area in the Federal Capital Territory. So be sure to read till the end to find all what you are looking for.

Overview of Duboyi Abuja

Duboyi Abuja is among the smallest districts in the Phase 2 section of Abuja when eit comes to both population and land mass. It is still a developing district in the Federal Capital Territory and is mostly residential, meaning there are more residential structures in the area than commercial structures.

Infrastructure and Social Amenities in Duboyi Abuja

Duboyi Abuja

The level of infrastructure in Duboyi Abuja is at a basic level but it is one of the rapidly growing districts in Abuja. Social and business activities are not so prominent in the district but still, you have access to the most basic amenities to make life more enjoyable for you. In case you need to go in search of a more active area where there is more active and bustling social activities, you don’t have to go too far as you can just easily seek out the closest neighborhoods, such Durumi, for that.

Some places that might pique your interest, which are notable places in Duboyi, include the Medical and Dental Council, KERICS foods, Marcel Pagnol French School, and British Nigerian Academy.

Getting Around in the District

Duboyi Abuja

Duboyi is located southwest of the Abuja inner city, it is a few miles from there. The nearest neighborhoods that surround the district are Durumi which is towards the northern side of the district, Gaduwa towards the eastern section, Lokogoma towards the southern section, and Kaura, also known as Games Village towards the western side.

The district has a reasonable and usable road network. Some of the main roads that are used by Duboyi residents include Oladipo Diya Street which is on the northern side of the district and Ring Road 2 which lies just on the southern perimeter of the district. Going to the Abuja central area will take about a 15 to 25 minutes drive.

Land and Houses in Duboyi Abuja

Duboyi has an adequate selection you can choose from when it comes to property. It is one of the districts where low-cost housing is available to people and because the cost of living in the central areas of Abuja costs an arm and a leg, people seek for more affordable housing in the outer parts of Abuja of which Duboyi is one of them.

Duboyi Abuja

Duboyi Abuja is one of the districts in Abuja that is receiving a little extra attention from real estate developers as property is very much affordable in the district and an arm and leg don’t have to go into it when purchasing. And the result of that is a cheaper accommodation cost for people who need exactly that.

Duboyi is at a reasonable distance from the Abuja Central Business District since it is a district in phase 2. So if you live in Duboyi, you also get to enjoy the perks of being close to the central area and the perks of having a more affordable accommodation cost.

If you are a first-time home buyer who needs very affordable property cost in Abuja, this location is advisable area to get your first home as it is also an area that you will find enjoyable.


Those are the important information we have on Duboyi Abuja. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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