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Facility Management and Logistics Advisor job at Palladium Group

Facility Management and Logistics Advisor job at Palladium Group

About Palladium Group

The deliberate production of long-lasting social and economic value is what Positive Impact, a service provided by Palladium, is all about. We collaborate with foundations, investors, governments, businesses, communities, and civil society to develop strategies and put them into action that have a positive long-term impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

Job Title: Facility Management and Logistics Advisor

Loaction: Abuja

Job Type: Full Time


Job Description

  • In order to develop capacity, mentor, and keep an eye on all commodity management at the PHCs, we are searching for Facility Management and Logistics Advisors to work in the IHP embedded offices (pharmacy and laboratory commodities).
  • A self-motivated doer who is not frightened of arduous work is required for this role.
  • This individual will have the authority of Primary Healthcare Facilities to guarantee the quality, availability, and promptness of the request processes for commodities.
  • To provide adequate stock control, monitoring the flow of goods, logistical storage, and secure handling of all health commodities, proper commodity quantification and forecasting are required.
  • This also covers disposal, monthly reporting, and appropriate waste management.
  • The Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project in Nigeria will be closely aligned with this position’s efforts.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Encourage all PHCs to make the Basic Healthcare Provision Funds (BHCPF) and Drug Revolving Funds more accountable and transparent (DRF).
  • Together with the IHP HSS Coordinators, develop and oversee mentorship plans for all PHCs to guarantee that all PHCs accurately quantify commodity usage to foresee and reduce stockouts.
  • The Logistics Management Coordination Units, other State stakeholders, and implementing partners (such as PSM and PQM+) participating in commodity supply chains should all receive regular updates on quantification and stockout data.
  • Make sure the stockout tools for commodities are correctly completed to demonstrate the stockout condition.
  • Make sure all instruments for gathering data on commodities are used correctly, including the daily consumption registers, inventory control cards, and sharing data with LMCUs and other stakeholders.


Our Ideal Candidate

  • Pharmacy Technician or Medical Logistician.
  • Three to four years of progressively more responsible supply chain management expertise, as well as practical knowledge of the IHP supported states.
  • Working knowledge of community health Advocacy and negotiating skills.
  • Training non-pharmacists with experience in capacity building to handle primary healthcare logistics.
  • The capacity to use data to improve supply networks.
  • Working in the public healthcare system in the past is an advantage.
  • Previous experience working with USAID or a donor (such as DFID, the UN system) is also advantageous.

Application Method

Interested Persons should click here on the application website and apply.

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