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What Do First-Time Visitors To Abuja Usually Think?

What Do First-Time Visitors To Abuja Usually Think?

Many people who are first-time visitors to Abuja have different tales to tell about what strikes them as very unique or unusual about the city.

I read a story online about someone whose friend from the abroad called and said she wanted to visit Abuja. They had met each other in Germany for the first time and had not been able to see each other for a long time after he returned to Abuja.

So one fateful Saturday morning, she buzzed him and informed him she wouldn’t mind dropping by if he didn’t mind hosting her. Which he agreed to. The day of her arrival came and he went to the airport to pick her up.

They drove a bit before getting to his apartment. She took a shower and a nap while he waited patiently for her to wake up. He couldn’t wait to start asking her the questions that had been on his mind from the moment she arrived.

Back in Germany, they had always gotten into heated arguments about many things, a lot of which revolved around Abuja. Obviously, she had read a lot about Abuja and those were the things she always based her arguments on. But her arguments were always so inaccurate and it got him pissed all the time.

So now that she had visited Abuja for the first time ever, he couldn’t wait to find out whether her perspective of Abuja had changed. Finally, she woke from her nap and he threw this question at her, “You are finally in Abuja, what is your first impression so far?” To which she replied, “I humbly accept defeat. It’s never a good thing to judge a book by its cover.” From her reply, you can tell that Abuja surpassed her expectations.

What First-Time Visitors To Abuja Usually Think

It is easy for foreigners to have all sorts of ideas about Abuja based on what they have heard about the place and about Nigeria as a whole. And for Nigerians who have never visited Abuja before, they can only imagine what the place is like. So what do first-time visitors to Abuja usually think? This depends on who the visitor is visiting from.

What Nigerian First-Time Visitors To Abuja Think

Visitors from other parts of Nigeria are usually stricken by how huge Abuja roads are. They are also impressed at the orderliness and cleanliness of the state.

first-time visitors to Abuja

For the first-time visitors to Abuja who have probably read or heard that Abuja is a planned city, whenever they get to see the city in person, they marvel at how the city followed the plan to a T.

First-time visitors to Abuja are usually impressed about all the magnificent architectures and monuments in Abuja. Because hearing about those structures alone doesn’t do justice to actually seeing these places in person.

First-time visitors to Abuja who are visiting from a place like Lagos cannot comprehend how the traffic in Abuja can be so quick. Lagos traffic is so crazy and that craziness doesn’t exist in Abuja.

First-time visitors to Abuja also marvel at the lovely weather in the city. Being in the central part of Nigeria, people usually expect Abuja weather to be too hot and humid. But they are usually pleased to be met with a nicer weather condition than what they had expected.

What Foreign First-Time Visitors To Abuja Think

first-time visitors to Abuja

First-timers to Abuja from outside the country are usually surprised about how calm, peaceful, and developed Abuja is. They usually say the mindset they visit Abuja with dispels the moment they arrive in the city and take a tour around.


Without saying too much, visiting Abuja in person for the first time, will most likely than not, surpass your expectations and I recommend that you give it a try.

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