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Five Popular People of Repute in Abuja

Five Popular People of Repute in Abuja


Abuja! The come-alive city of repute. A city where men and women of great success, influence, power, class wealth and voices reside. A city where the 1% of the 1% can easily be fished out. a city where the powerful, hands of authority eat and dine. Abuja, though not as busy and loud as Lagos, can easily be said to be a city that is designed to be a playground for the rich and famous who want nothing to do with the craziness, noise, banter, traffic and hassle that resides in Lagos.

The city of Abuja is majorly known as a home for the people in power, the movers and shakers of laws but then, there are very important personalities who are not law makers but are very popular in this powerful city and this article is focused on five of this ineffable personalities.

Charly Boy

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa also known as Charly Boy, whose lifestyle and influence brought about his nickname “Area Father” or “His Royal Punkness” is indeed one very popular person in Abuja, especially in Gwarinpa which happens to be the largest estate in West Africa where His famous yet controversial house is used as a major roadmap.

Charly Boy was born in Porthacourt in June 19, 1950 into a noble household, His father, Chukwudifu Oputa, an Oguta native in Porthacourt and also a devoted Catholic worshiper was the former supreme court justice. He described his parents as libras which can mostly be attributed to how he lives his life.

The Area Father in an interview disclosed that, during his childhood, he aspired to be a priest but left seminary school after a year and things began to change gradually after he moved to the United States of America, where he attended college and got a degree in communications and in 1982, he ventured into music and in 1984 he released the high life single Obodo Girgiri.

Surprisingly, due to his unconventional sense of fashion, he was almost denied a record deal with Polygram Nigeria until he was introduced to managing director Ton S13eysener who signed him and “Nwata Miss” was released. He got the name “His Royal Punkness” in the 1980s whereby he created a type of fashion consist of mohawks, leather jacket and boots, and power bikes that seem bizarre to some people back in those days. His oat popular album was in 1990 but released in 1988 which spoke against military rule in Nigeria and how the military government refused to relinquish power back to civilian rule. This album played a vital role in one if his controversial periods as a singer hence many radio stations refused to play his songs probably because they might face the wrath of the military government.

Charly Boy’s songs and political thoughts have somewhat been revolutionary in nature even till this present day. His lifestyle in the entertainment world was viewed with different perspective from different individuals. Some see him as an eccentric individual while others sees him differently.

He is an afro-beat, afro-pop and high life musician, songwriter, journalist, fashionista, presenter, publisher, idol series judge and producer. The city of Abuja’s Charly Boy despite being all these, is one controversial public figure in the entertainment industry that has a lot of criticism, especially on his lifestyle, sense of fashion and liberalism.

He is one impeccable anchor to a television show named “The Charly Boy Show” and despite the controversies surrounding him and denigrating remarks thrown at him, he has always spoken up against injustice, bad governance and corruption in Nigeria and as a matter of fact, he has fought for the right of Okada riders in Nigeria that are perceived by the government as menace to the society, he tried as much as possible to ensure that their means of livelihood is not taken away and this efforts has also contributed in always putting him in the spotlight. His unwavering loyalty towards the okada people has given him the name “Area Fada”.

In addition to this, Charly Boy has also been engaged since the mid nineties in fighting for the right of military prisoners during the Abacha military regime which also led him to fight for pensioners whose pensions was held by the government. He has undoubtedly been brave enough to confront the government regardless of the repercussions he might face.

 In 2012, Charly Boy threatened to file a lawsuit against two international newspapers,  the Saturday mirror and the Daily independent which reported that he was gay and also a member of the illuminati. In an interview, he debunked the news that reported that he was gay by saying “if I was gay, I would be fighting for the right of homosexuals. I am not gay and not a part of any organization called illuminate in any way, shape or form” and contrary to his sexuality, his daughter happens to be a lesbian and this has in one time made the Father to be in loggerhead with his daughter which he later publicly made up with the notion that, his father also tried to dictate his life for him and this didn’t go well for both of them and it was obvious that history was repeating itself again with his daughter, so he decided to resolve the issue with her.

Charly Boy is presently actively engaged in politics, he uses his popularity to speak against corruption and influence people on voting a candidate whom he believes is the Ray of hope Nigerians have in this trying time. He is an ardent supporter of Peter Obi and In one of his post on Twitter, he said “imagine Peter Obi didn’t come out to join the presidential race, Nigeria would have been left to choose between sniper and Otapiapia”.

Ahmed Isah (Ordinary President)

According to this radical, yet the city of Abuja’s person, no matter what we do, where we stay or what we speak, humanity is the greatest of all languages.

Ahmad Isa is popularly known as the “ordinary President of the ordinary citizen”. He is the CEO and founder of the Human Right Radio and Television show (Brekete Family) Abuja. The ordinary president was born on the 1st of  January in Danre, and lived most part of his childhood in different parts of Nigeria, kogi state and Kaduna State inclusive.  He is born into a  Muslim home and his  married to  Asmau Ahmad Isah who died 2012 leaving behind their two daughters with him.

Ahmed Isah is one very brave journalist and radio presenter known for his works by using any positive means in delivering justice and fighting for the rights of complainants and the general public at Large, an art which has earned him so many followers both within and outside Nigeria.

The ordinary President started as a presenter on the popular radio program “Oga Driver” at the Kaduna State Media Corporation. A program that cites and discusses good road ethics, and educates the public on road safety practices and during his time as the anchor of the program “Oga Driver”, Ahmad Isah has influenced the popularity of the program and the audience grew beyond Kaduna state.  His time as anchor of the program soon came to an end after a disagreement between a former DG of the National Broadcasting Commission and Ahmad Isah over choice of words while on air, he the birthed Human Right Radio in 2009. The program started as a show on kiss FM and then moved to love FM.

Within a few years of establishment, the show enjoyed success and an increasing audience due to the language of communication, which is the typical Nigerian pidgin language used in unofficial communication and in the streets of Nigeria. In 2017, Ahmad Isah launched his own radio station and in 2018, the VP President Prof Yemi Osinbajo graced the station with his presence.

Ahmad Isa, despite his work towards ensuring justice, has not always been on the positive side of the law due to his desperation for justice. Among these is a violation of human rights where the ordinary President was caught on air physically assaulting a woman in May, 2021, by slapping her on the face, which led to the suspension of the station’s right to air for a period of 30 days by the National Broadcasting Commission{NBC}.

In February, 2022, the Academy Staff Union of Universities declared a strike over unattended demands by the Government and the ordinary President in a bid to help the union achieve some of her money related demands, kicked off a fundraising campaign to raise 20 billion Naira to help call off the strike, among his intervention action was an invitation of the Union’s chairman to the studio in Games Village, Abuja to address the public on the strike, a meeting that didn’t end in smiles as the chairman asked that the Union’s name be distanced from the fundraising. In reaction, Ahmad Isah called off the public fundraising and returned the money to the donors according to their supports.

It is indeed worthy of note that, the city of Abuja welcomes thousands on daily basics due to the Brekete family program being anchored by Ahmed Isah and out of curiosity, One may be eager to know why Brekete Family is been tagged the Biggest online family world wide and here is why. The Brekete Family program is not only aired on radios but also available on Television Channels with an active YouTube and a Facebook page were viewers from any country of the world can partake in the program. The program gives the liberty of calling assigned numbers for diaspora followers in case of any contributions and not only do they attend to cases of injustice physically but are also available to treat cases outside Nigeria pertaining to Nigerians especially and as the case may be foreigners depending on the nature and gravity.

Ahmed Isah’s Brekete family program also provides skill acquisition that is opened to everyone within the city of Abuja and most of these actions and decisions have been the binding points to bring people from different parts of the world together for one purpose which is service to humanity.

The numerous numbers of people who have benefited from this Reality Program cannot be over emphasized, ranging from Skills Acquisitions to job creations, to fighting for the weak and oppressed, to community outreach and other vitals assistance. Through the good works of Ahmad Isah the lives of many individuals and families have been restored.

On several occasions different corporate agencies and organizations have given him awards of recognition for his role played in saving humanity’s fallen state. Little wonder, the people of Abuja refer to him as the People’s president and without doubt explains why he is so popular.

Ahmed Isah graciously fits into one of Shakespeare’s greatest quotation which states “I have lived fourscore years and upward; I never heard a man of his place, gravity, and learning, so wide of his own respect”. A compatriot indeed!

Nwankwo Kanu

Nwankwo Kanu, the man after our hearts is another popular Nigerian who resides in the serene city of Abuja.

Kanu, a national hero, was a lanky player that made Nigerians proud and brought victories to Nigerians in the football world. He was born on August 1st 1976 in Owerri, Imo state Nigeria and although, a retired footballer played in different clubs from Europe like England, (ArsenalWest Bromwich Albion and Portsmouth,) Italy (Ac Milan and inter Milan) Dutch (Ajax) and also the Nigerian national team. Kanu is another Nigerian that has earned a nickname due to his work and in his case, Nigerians nicknamed him “Papilo”.

He was one of the key players alongside Jay Jay Okocha that won the African cup of nations and Atlanta Olympics in 1996 USA and as a youngster, he was among the players that won the under 17 world cup in Japan in 1993 which was his threshold to stardom. His brilliant performance captivated the attention of elite clubs in Europe, after winning the under 17 world cup, he was signed by His first European club, Ajax where he won his one and only champions league.

Kanu despite been skinny, performed like a magician on the pitch. He played for arsenal and contributed to their winning of the FA Cup in 2003 and the premier league in 2004. He was also a member of arsenal Invincibles of 2003-2004 that was not defeated through out the season. Unbelievable right? Well the team’s prowess was insurmountable.

Kanu’s personality as a footballer made many fans especially Nigerian eager to watch any football match he would play. He played for Nigerian national team from 1994 to 2010 with a total of 86 matches and in 1996, Kanu was diagnosed with a heart ailment. This news broke the hearts of his fans all over the world and in 1997 he had a surgery to replace an aortic valve. This was one of the most difficult times of his life that threatened his career. According to him, his prayers and faith to God helped him a lot as a Christian.

Papilo’s awful experience made him establish the Kanu heart foundation that helps mostly children that have heart disease or ailment. This humanitarian work has helped a lot of children with heart diseases in Lagos and very recently, gained a land to build the land in the city of Abuja. A philanthropist indeed!

Kanu has won numerous awards like African player of the year in 1996 and 1999, BBC African footballer of the year 1997 and 1999, the International Federation of Football History Statistics legend award in 2016. He has been happily married since 2004 with 3 kids and one of the people of power who brace themselves with the peace of Abuja.

Shan George

Shan George 52 years old Indigene of Cross River State, is yet another popular person in the city of Abuja. The Nollywood movie writer, actor and producer was born on 21st of April, 1970 and started life in Lagos state. Shan George graduated from the University of Lagos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and during her final year in the university, Shan produced her first movie “All for Winnie”. It is said that, the movie paved way for her into Nollywood and it was the start of her greatness in the industry.

She officially joined the movie industry in 1996 and almost immediately, Shan was in her first Nollywood movie, “Winds of Destiny” and like the door that was opened for her after her movie production, Shan became famous due to that one movie and began to feature in many movies which includes the very popular movie “Outcast” which not only made her very popular but also won her the Best Leading Actress role award.

Shan George is without doubt one of the most innovative, creative, skillful and talented actresses in Nigeria. She has featured in over 100 Nollywood movies some of which include; Thorns of Rose, All for Winnie, A Second Time, Outcast, Blood Diamonds, Welcome to Nollywood, Travails of Fate, Made in Heaven, General’s Wife, Wrong Number, My Sweat, London Forever, Super Zebraman, A Second Time, Grand Mother, and Passionate Crime and In 2010 Shana released her album “Dance” which had a rather positive appraisal from the kings of music.

In an interview, Shan George was asked why all her songs are in her native bahumono language and according to her, she relates more and can pass her message better in it.

Shan George spent most of her life in Lagos before moving to the beautiful city of Abuja. One would guess why most people who have lived in the bustle of Lagos end up relocating to Abuja for the peace and class that uniquely separates the cities.  Shan presently has two children, Jaga Nwosisi, and Delnoi Nwosisi, after being involved in two broken marriages and she is known to be one approachable woman.

Toyin Badmus

Oleye Oluwatoyin Badmus is one tenacious yet fierce woman leader. Her popularity can be channeled to her radical political participation and business acuity. Toyin Bdmus who is presently the Iyaoloja of lagos in a name that is in the mouth of every business market woman in Abuja and even outside and though very popular, she insist on leaving her private life, very private which explains why not so much is known about her biography.

Toyin Badmus like many Iyaoloja’s, own several business in top markets in Abuja with her major fabrics shops in Wuse market as she is a strong believer in striking a balancing business and politics. She has used her position to encourage and support many market women to get involved in politics and when asked in an interview how she has used her position as a women leader to motivate other women to venture into politics, she replied “Our women leaders in APC are changing the narrative. The result of the last congress of our party APC nationwide witnessed more women winning elections in their areas. Though we can do better, you will agree with me that gone are the days when women took the back seat; presently, the women are ready to take over the driver’s wheel and lead us to the right destination.”

According to Abuja’s Iyaoloja, she has been encouraging the many market women around her to identify and choose the leaders that will add value to their lives, not those that will their future and that of their children with wrapper and rice for every 4years.

Toyin Badmus who is over 60 years and does not to intend to go into politics is the peoples person as many believe she is one that has opened all her doors to receive as many people with what ever kinds of problem and what could honestly be more attractive than a leader who is compassionate.


From Area Father Chaley Boy to the People’s ordinary president Ahmed Isah down to Nigeria’s Papilo Nwankwo kanu, Nollywood Shan George and to Toyin Badmus, the Iyaploja of Abuja are the ineffable men and women whose names ring loud bells and trumpet blown very loudly. These people have taken interest in the glory that Abuja and Nigeria as a country carry and have put themselves in strategic positions to bring pride to the great Nation. They have without doubt earned their popularity and have worn their various crowns with great pride.

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