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How To Get Posted To Abuja For NYSC

How To Get Posted To Abuja For NYSC

When students graduate from the University in Nigeria, the next thing they start looking forward to is the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

It is a compulsory one-year program that a lot of new graduates look forward to with excitement. The excitement mostly comes from the fact that you are traveling to a place you’ve probably never been to before. And also, the fact that you get to meet new people and learn new things.

What Is NYSC?

NYSC Abuja

NYSC is short for National Youth Service Corp. It was created in 1973 to involve Nigerian graduates in the building and development of the nation.

NYSC used to be for only University graduates. But later down the line, Polytechnic students were also required to take part in the program.

The first Director-General of the NYSC was Ahmadu Ali. He filled the position until 1975.

NYSC Deployment

NYSC Abuja

When you register for NYSC, you are required to choose 3 to 4 states of your choice where you would love to be posted.

If you don’t get posted to the state you picked as your first choice, you would be posted to your second or third choice.

There are even cases where some people are not posted to any of the states they picked during their registration.

In cases where you can’t serve in the state you are posted to, probably because you are married or have a health issue, you can apply for relocation back to your state. But of course, many people take advantage of this to get relocated to a state they want.

Some states are highly competitive. Typical examples are Lagos and Abuja. People love good things so they want to go where the good things are.

Getting to serve in places such as Lagos or Abuja can get a tad difficult. Some people get lucky and others have to work it with money.

How To Get Posted To Abuja For NYSC

NYSC abuja

I understand why anyone would want to get posted to Abuja. Abuja is a wonderful city with a lot of exciting places to see such as the places with beautiful architectures. Even the nightlife in Abuja would be loved by any young person.

As I have mentioned earlier, getting deployed to Abuja is very competitive, making it nearly impossible. But it’s still possible. Serving in Abuja is possible if you happen to be one of the lucky ones or if you know someone

The truth is a lot of the corp members who served or are serving in Abuja got there because they had a connection or link to someone within the NYSC.

What that means is if you have someone like that, getting posted to Abuja wouldn’t be a big deal. But if you don’t, it would be a matter of luck. And if you know someone who knows someone important within the NYSC, you have some advantage.

How To Get A Good PPA In Abuja

If you do manage to get deployed to Abuja for your service year, getting posted to a very good PPA is another thing.

PPA means Place of Primary Assignment. It’s the organization or company where you work throughout your service year. It could be a school, the hospital, the airport, but most corp members get posted to schools.

If you don’t want to end up in a school because maybe you don’t like teaching, you probably prefer a proper company as your PPA.

To get a good PPA for your service year, one thing you can do is to get a letter of approval from the establishment you want to work in depending on the course you studied. If you have an organization in mind and you can get a letter of approval from them, you can get posted there. You can also look out for those companies that put out job positions specifically for corp members.

Aside that, a lot of government agencies and ministries in Abuja are well known for rejecting corp members. So if you have any of these agencies in mind, you would need to have a connection. If not, you need to accept your fate and go wherever you get posted to.


Getting posted to Abuja is highly competitive but not impossible. Make use of the connection you have and you would be on your way there. Otherwise, just pray to get lucky.

If you enjoyed reading this article, keep following to learn more about the city.

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