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Gudu Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Gudu Abuja: Neighborhood Information

Do you need helpful information about Gudu Abuja? You have come to the right place. People who are relocating from another state to Abuja or from another city within Abuja will find this article useful. If you just want to know about this area, this article will be useful to you as well. So keep reading to find out more and be sure to read till the end.

Overview of the Gudu Abuja Neighborhood

Gudu Abuja is one of the districts in the Phase 2 region of the Federal Capital Territory. The district is also called Apo-Gudu, as it is part of the Apo district. It is an established district and is located just on the outskirt of the Abuja city center.

Gudu is a residential district which has also has a lot of commercial aspect to it. It is a populated district, but not as densely populated as nearby neighborhoods such as Garki. The district has various residential estates, such as Savannah estate, Golden Resort and Estates, Adisa Estate, Dolman Estate, and several others. The estates in Gaduwa are more reasonably priced and equipped with excellent working facilities when compared to what is available in other estates in other districts in Abuja.

The residents of Gudu Abuja comprise government officials, civil servants, the middle-class mechanics, petty traders, and others, just like it is in Apo.

Infrastructure and Amenities in Gudu Abuja

Gudu has great infrastructure since it is a developed district and, as I mentioned earlier, an extensive commercial aspect. There are several places in the district where you can go for leisure and relaxation. There are bars, clubs, and eateries all over where you can to go to have good meals and have a great time. You will also find pleasant hotels, parks, and schools for your kids if you have any school-age child.

The district has a popular market known as Gudu Market which mostly sells electrical, building, and auto parts, but it has a section where food stuff and household stuff are sold. And there is Grand Towers where both residents nad non-residents go for more shopping activities.

There are lots of interesting places in Gudu Abuja including Baytown Lounge, Barkono Grills, Ajuji Hotel, Ibeto Hotel, Threepalms Fortunes, Dizznos restaurant, Princeton Cafeteria, Sentosa Park, Xcell Plus Gym and Spa, and many other areas.

Getting Around in Gudu Abuja

Gudu Abuja

Garki borders Gudu on the northern side, Guzape on the northeastern side, Apo Dutse on the eastern side, Gaduwa on the southwestern side, and Durumi on the western side.

Being a developed district and having good infrastructure, Gudu has an extensive road network that gives residents easy access to many other parts of Abuja. Some of the main roads that serve the area are Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Ahmadu Bello Way, and Oladipo Diya Street. Getting to the Abuja Central Business District takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Land and Houses in Gudu Abuja

Gudu Abuja

Gudu attracts many people who don’t want the noise and bustle in the inner parts of Abuja. Another attractive feature of the district which people like is that it is a developed district.

You can find all types of houses in Gudu including duplexes, bungalows, apartments, and luxury accommodation. Price of property in this district are not as expensive as what you would find in neighborhoods in inner areas such as Asokoro or Maitama.


Gudu Abuja is a great neighborhood in phase 2 of Abuja that is good to live in. If you are considering where to relocate to in Abuja that is affordable, this is one of the areas you might want to consider.

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