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How Many Hours is Benin City to Abuja by Road?

How Many Hours is Benin City to Abuja by Road?

Are you traveling from Benin to Abuja by road? If yes, then how many hours is Benin City to Abuja by road?

Benin City is the Capital of Edo State and is located in the Southern part of Nigeria. The city is famous for its bronze work dating back to the 13th century B.C.E.

In this article, we are going to look at the travel time from Benin City to Abuja, the cost of transportation, the route to take, and the distance by road.

Here’s a summary:

Benin City to Abuja Summary

  • Fastest Route: A2
  • Driving Time: 7 hours and 39 min
  • Distance by Road: 475.8 km
  • Bus Ticket: $18 – $25

How Many Hours is Benin City to Abuja by Road?

The travel time from Benin City to Abuja by road is approximately 7 hours 39 minutes (475.8 km) via A2. There are other mitigating factors, however, such as weather conditions, vehicle condition and strength, route to be taken and the condition of the road, the period of the year you are traveling, and so on.

How Much is Abuja to Benin by Road?

There are many transport companies plying the Benin – Abuja route. On average, you will spend close to $22 (N10,000). This price, while just a rough estimate may go up to $25 or come down as low as $18.  There are mitigating factors that cause this price variation. Some of these factors may include the type of bus, sitting arrangement, route taken, and demand.

Due to the high demand for transportation during festive periods, the cost of transportation in this route skyrockets.

Let’s take a look at some transport companies and the various prices they have to offer for passengers traveling to Abuja from Benin City by road.

Good is Good Motors

  • Take off time: 08:30 am
  • Price: $22 – $23 (N10,000 – N11,000)

Big Joe Motors

  • Take off time: N/A
  • Price: $18 – $22 (N8,500 – N10,000)

Faith Motors

  • Take off time: N/A
  • Price: $18 – $22 (N8,500 – N10,000)

Apart from the transport company being a case of variation in the transport fares, there are other factors that also contribute. Here are some of the other factors affecting the cost of transportation from Benin City to Abuja by road:

  • What extra services the transport company offers to its passengers.
  • What special searing arrangements do you prefer?
  • Seasonal demand
  • The nature and type of the vehicle you intend to board

What is the Distance between Benin City and Abuja?

The distance between Benin City and Abuja is estimated at 475.8 km. This is the distance covered on route A2.

If there happens to be a diversion along the way, then there is a high chance that the distance between the two cities becomes elongated by a few kilometers.



You are now fully equipped with enough information you need for your Benin City to Abuja trip.

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