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How Many Hours is Kano to Abuja by Road?

How Many Hours is Kano to Abuja by Road?

How many hours is Kano to Abuja by road?

Kano, the ancient city in North Western part of Nigeria is located some 470 kilometers from Abuja. In this article, we look at how many hours it will take you from Kano to Abuja, the distance by road, the fastest route, and bus ticket prices.

There is always daily traffic between Abuja and Kano. People travel for personal, business, or leisure reasons. Also, as most of the inhabitants of Kano are businessmen, they always have strong ties with the indigenous people of Abuja.

Here’s a quick summary you need to be mindful of:

Kano to Abuja by Road Quick Summary

  • Fastest Route: Kaduna-Kano Road/Zaria/A2
  • Distance by Road: 421 km
  • Driving Time: 7 hours and 10 min
  • Bus Ticket: $19 – $22 (N8,000 – N12,00)

How Many Hours is Kano to Abuja by Road?

The driving distance from Kano to Abuja by road is approximately 7 hours and 10 minutes. However, there may be one or two mitigating factors to include:

  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Driver’s skills
  • Traffic jams, roadblocks, and other traffic inconsistencies
  • Condition of the road, either bad or good
  • Engine strength
  • Route followed

How Much is Kano to Abuja by Bus?

If you are trying from Kano to Abuja by bus, simply budget between $19 and $22. Depending on the exchange rate at a time, this could be roughly in-between N8,000 and N12,000.

This price is an average; hence it may vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the factors that normally affect the cost of transportation would include the following:

  • What transport company do you intend to patronize?
  • The nature or make of the vehicle
  • Convenience and other related factors
  • The extra services given to passengers like free drinks and snacks

What is the Distance between Kano and Abuja?

On the Kaduna-Kano Road/Zaria/A2, you are expected to cover a total distance by road of approximately 421 km. This is the fastest route that gets you to Abuja in 7 hours and 10 minutes from Kano.

Any meander from the said route elongates your journey. That is why is it always advisable to check with the booking office about what route the bus will be taking.

Some Travel Tips for You

Here are a few tips to keep handy:

  • Sit by the window side. You have to get to the park early if you want to get window seats.
  • Prepare for any changes in weather as you are traveling to an entirely different region of the country.
  • Get some pain relievers because there are bound to be bumps and stretches on the road
  • Road signs are important; always keep an eye on them to know your bearing.
  • Be in contact with someone at your destination via text messages and phone calls.
  • Your luggage should not be far from you at any point in time throughout the duration of the journey.


The above travel tips are provided to guide you through your journey. Follow them religiously.

By now, you must have answered your question on the number of hours required to travel from Kano to Abuja, plus extra.

Thanks for reading.

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