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How Much Is Abuja Plate Number?

How Much Is Abuja Plate Number?

Do you want to find how much is Abuja plate number and how you can register for one? This article has all the info that you need, so be sure to read till the end.

Importance of Having a Plate Number

Abuja Plate number

Every Nigerian who owns a car is mandated by law to have some important things along with the vehicle, and one of those things is a plate number. It is one of the things used to identify people and it comes in handy too in the when you get into an issue on the road with another vehicle. A plate number will help you easily identify the car.

The number of people using the exact same vehicle as you is simply innumerable and trying to differentiate between your car and theirs would be an almost impossible thing to do. So the most legitimate way to identify your car is having a plate number that is approved by the government.

In the case of crimes on the highway and roads, a car’s plate has been useful in a lot of cases to track down culprits. With the plate number too, a stolen car can be recovered if you are quick enough because a plate number is not something that cannot not be changed.

How Much is Abuja Plate Number?

Abuja Plate number

Now let us go into the important part of this article, Abuja plate number price. So, the thing with plate number prices is it is ever changing. Even the price it at the time of writing this article may change soon but no worries, I will keep you updated.

As of the time of writing this article, the price of Abuja plate number is between 50 000 and 80 000 naira. And because it keeps changing, this price may not stay like that for long.

Now, what are the things you have to do to register for an Abuja plate number? Keep reading to know all the details.

Abuja Plate Number Registration Procedure

These are the steps to take when you need to register for Abuja plate number.

Abuja plate number

Online Registration

At this stage, you have to log on to And then you have to print out the necessary forms, including auto vehicle license form, tax form, form B, and allocation of plate number form. Fill the forms and take them to the State Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority Office(SBIR/MLA). Where you would need to go to is VIO in Mabushi.

When you are ready to go submit the forms at the office mentioned above, the documents you need are your insurance papers, proof of ownership, engine number or you could use a NEPA bill, tax identification number, any means of identification, a valid driver’s license, and an insurance policy number.

Physical Inspection

At this stage, the Board of Internal Revenue and Motor Licencing Authority will carry out a physical inspection of your vehicle. If it meets their required standard, you will be issued a temporary roadworthiness certificate pending the time your plate number would be ready.

You can use the temporary roadworthiness certificate within a 30-day timeframe, but the plate number should be available before the 30-day time frame is over.

Police Verification

You don’t have to be physically present for this stage, but this is the stage where all the documents you submitted are sent to the police. The police will approve the documents if they are found worthy. When you are cleared by the police, the last thing to do is payment.


You will make a payment by generating RRR, after which you would go to the bank to finalize your payment. When you successfully make a payment, you then have to return to the Board of Internal Revenue, where you will get your payment receipt verified. And then your plate number will be given to you.


Getting an Abuja plate number costs between 50 000 and 80 000 naira. And I have listed the procedure you need to follow if you need to register above. If you found this article useful, follow for more updates.

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