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How Much is Abuja to Kaduna by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Kaduna by Road?

Let’s provide an answer to the question, “how much is Abuja to Kaduna by road?” for anybody traveling from Abuja to Kaduna.

Kaduna, the ancient city in North Western part of Nigeria is located some 189.3 kilometers from Abuja. It is the present capital of Kaduna State and the former capital of Northern Nigeria.

There is always daily traffic between Abuja and Kaduna. People travel for personal, business, or leisure reasons.

Here’s a quick summary you need to be mindful of:

Abuja to Kaduna by Road Quick Summary

  • Road Distance: 189.3 km
  • Route: Via Abuja – Kaduna – Zaria Express Way/Romi-Gidan Busa – Dakwa Rd/A2
  • Duration: 3 hr 8 min
  • Bus Ticket: $7 – $11

How Much is Abuja to Kaduna by Road?

Abuja to Kaduna by road price is approximately $7 – $11.

It is always advisable that you take registered buses on this journey. Recently, the Abuja – Kaduna road has not been very safe. You will need to take extra caution.

An important precaution you should take is to avoid boarding private vehicles that convey passengers along the Suleja and Zuba axis. Also, make sure you don’t travel at night on this route.

Choosing a Transport Company

Ok, let’s take a look at some of the conditions you should consider before choosing an Abuja to Kaduna bus.


Budget is very important. This is a brief journey, but that doesn’t mean you should just jump into any vehicle that comes your way.

Make sure our budget tallies with what the transport company is charging.


The easiest way to locate a park when traveling to Kaduna is to get to Utako. It is good that this park is centrally located; hence you can easily get there from almost every part of Abuja.

Locating a park near where you stay is very important so that you make it early.


Select the kind of vehicle that best suits your convenience. Also, make inquiries regarding the sitting arrangement and other things like that.

Check anything that matters to your convenience before choosing the bus to use for this journey.

Tips for First-Timers

If this is your first time traveling from Abuja to Kaduna, then here are a few tips for you:

  • Do not board any private car that is tinted, unless you know the owner.
  • Start the journey early, so that you get to your destination on time.
  • Get adapted to the culture. Kaduna is one of the cities with a modest culture in Nigeria, which is mostly linked with Islamic injunctions. Always wear modest clothes. For women, loose-fitting clothes and scarves are recommended.
  • Seat by the window side so that you enjoy wonderful scenery while on your journey.
  • Travel early. There are so many perils traveling during the night on Nigeria roads.
  • The predominant language in Kaduna is Hausa. If you are not conversant with the language, try and be friendly with the people and you will always get someone to interpret for you.
  • Be polite and responsible, and most of all respect their religion.

With the recent happenings on the Abuja – Kaduna highway, we recommend that you take extra security measures while traveling.

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