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How to Relocate from Awka, Anambra State to Abuja

How to Relocate from Awka, Anambra State to Abuja

If you want to travel from Anambra to Abuja by bus or flight, this article will update you on the current status of Abuja City and things to expect as you plan to go there.

Located in the North Central geopolitical zone, Abuja city is the capital of Nigeria. It lies in the central part of the Federal Capital Territory FCT. The city is approximately 300 miles (435 km) northeast of Anambra, making it a long-distance trip.

Interestingly, Abuja FCT was the first planned city to be constructed in Nigeria. It is 1,180 feet (360 meters) above sea level and makes it have a cool climate that suits our weather conditions.

Are you planning to Visit Abuja any moment from now? Here is a summary of bus and ticket flights price, and the time required to get there.

Distance: 434.9 km 

Travel Time By Road: 7 hours 59 min

Average Price: NGN8, 000 – NGN 10,000

Boarding Time: 6 am

Flight Ticket: NGN 55,00 – NGN 89,000

Flight Time: 1hr 10 Min

Train Ticket: N/A

Main Routes from Awka Anambra to Abuja

Two routes can take you from Awka Anambra to Abuja. You can get there through

● Idah-Nsukka Rd and Lokoja-Abaji-Dawlikot covers 

● Daga, Gwagwalada, Abaji, Lokoja, Ayangba, and Egume which covers 9 hr 7 min (516.7 km) 


Your arrival route or final bus stop at the PMT route is Abuja, Utako.

Distance between Awka Anambra and Abuja

The distance between Awka Anambra to Abuja is approximately 7 hr 59 min (434.9 km) road. Many buses spend over 8 hr before arriving in Abuja while some vehicles get to Abuja earlier than expected.

Meaning the time required to travel down to Abuja by bus varies due to some parameters. These factors may include:

● The nature of the vehicle

● Speed of driver 

● Road conditions good or bad 

● Route driver took

● Traffic condition 

Awka to Abuja Cost of Transportation

The Transport fees from Awka Anambra to Abuja costs an average of N8,000 -N10,000 depending on the transport company, type of bus used for the trip, Period of travel, and ticket demand.

Many transport companies ply Awka to Anambra daily, below are various transport companies that operate from Awka Anambra to Abuja.

● Anambra Transport Company, 

● Peace Mass Transport,

●       ABC Transport, 

● GIGM Transport, 

●      GUO Transport,

●       Cisco Group Transport company,

● Young Shall Grow Transport,

●       Cross-country transport, 

●      PMT Transport company, and lots more.

If you anticipate traveling soon, the above transport companies are Government approved transport systems that guarantee comfort and safety while you embark on the journey.

Awka Anambra to Abuja by Air

The fastest means of getting to Abuja from Akwa Anambra is by Air. The ticket fee from Awka Anambra to Abuja (ABV) also depends on the airline company.

The price ticket for either an Economy seat or First class is between $130 – $210.

Whether you decide to board first class, or economy seats, The average air ticket fee to Abuja is between $177 – $200 which is approximately N54,000 – N89,000. 

I advise you to make additional inquiries regarding the prize tag to get the best bargain. And if you have made up your mind to travel by flight, here are hotels close to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport that you may want to check out.

Moreover, Abuja has top-side attraction sites where you can lodge if the need arises. You can decide to hang out at nearby hotels, amusement parks, gardens, cafés, cafés, shopping centers.

There are also many incredible attractions like Jabi Boat, Nike Art Gallery, National Children’s Park, and Zoo.

You will have a story to tell if you decide to check on any of these sites, so The ball is in your court.

Welcome to the FCT.

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