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How to Relocate from Enugu to Abuja

How to Relocate from Enugu to Abuja

Whether young or old, everybody has personal reasons for relocating to Abuja. Perhaps your move is to relocate from Enugu to Abuja? Please, be my guest. 

This article will inform you about the distance covered, transport fees, and the time required to get to Abuja from Enugu.

Abuja is the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The city is as busy as other states. Myriads of people troop to Abuja for different purposes daily. Some make business trips, while others may travel for political, administrative, health, Academic, tourism, or entertainment reasons.

For those who want to visit Abuja now or later, below are summary of what you should expect while embarking on the journey:


Distance: 442 km 

Travel Time By Road: 7 hours 50 min

Average Price: NGN 9, 000 – NGN 10,500

Boarding Time: 6 am

Flight Ticket: NGN 55,00 – NGN 60,000

Flight Time: 1hr Non-Stop

Train Ticket: N/A

Main Routes from Enugu to Abuja

Three routes can take you from Enugu to Abuja.

● 7 hr 43 min (437.1 km)

via Enugu Rd/Enugu – Makurdi Rd/Ojale-Okpatu Ukehe Rd/A3.

● 7 hr 43 min (442.4 km) via 

Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd.

● 7 hr 46 min (444.6 km) via Loko-Nasarawa Rd

Your arrival route or final bus stop at the PMT route is Abuja, Utako.

Distance between Enugu and Abuja

The distance between Enugu to Abuja is approximately 7 hours and 50 min (444 km) by road. 

● You either take via Enugu Rd/Enugu – Makurdi Rd/Ojale-Okpatu Ukehe Rd/A3 which covers a distance of 437.1 km in 7 hrs 43 minutes.

● or via Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd (444.6 km).

● or via Enugu Rd/Enugu – Makurdi Rd/Ojale-Okpatu Ukehe Rd/A3 covers a distance of 444.6 km in 7 hrs 46 mins. Check Google Maps for more explanation.

Enugu to Abuja Cost of Transportation

Traveling from Enugu to Abuja requires you to pay for your transport fare. Bus ticket prices from Enugu to Abuja may vary depending on your location, transport company, and diesel price.

Some transport companies are expensive while some are quite affordable. Although those expensive public transport companies seem to add some luxuries as part of traveling costs.

Transport companies that ply the Enugu -Abuja route include Enugu Transport Company, Peace Mass Transport, ABC Transport, GIGM Transport, GUO Transport, Chisco Group Transport company,, Young Shall Grow Transport, Cross country transport, PMT Transport company, and a handful of others.

The average amount you need for this journey is between N10,000 – N11,000. Browse the above transport companies’ websites to know more about their mode of operations.

Due to the nature of the economy, Several factors account for the difference in bus tickets from Enugu to Abuja. It may include among the following 

● Transport Company

● Increase or decrease in demand for tickets.

● Type of Bus and convenience 

● Your bargaining power.

● Route

● Period of travel

● Diesel cost

● Highway kidnappers 

Enugu to Abuja by Air

Traveling from Enugu to Abuja appears to be very expensive, although people are still affording to travel by air. The ticket fee from Enugu to Abuja (ABV) also depends on the airline company.

Whether you are boarding first class, or economy seats, The average air ticket fee to Abuja from Enugu is between $17

$125 – $130 which is approximately N55,000 – N60,000 based on the dollar Naira exchange rate.

You can also make online inquiries regarding the prize if you are not satisfied or okay with the prize tags.

It will interest you to know that Abuja is blessed with beautiful places where you can settle or lodge as soon as you land highlight. Depending on the location you are heading to, there are nice hotels, amusement parks, gardens, cafés, cafés, shopping centers, and simple hang-out joints in almost all the city and suburbs.

I just have this feeling that you are a gaming fan. I’ll strongly recommend that you check out exciting gaming centers in Abuja

You will definitely be elated when you visit Abuja for the first time.

Welcome to the FCT.


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