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How to Relocate from Ibadan to Abuja

How to Relocate from Ibadan to Abuja

People from all parts of the country travel to Abuja daily. There are various transport means that can transit you to Abuja from Ibadan Oyo. This article will give you all the necessary information regarding how to relocate from Ibadan to Abuja stressfree.

Abuja city is the capital of Nigeria. It lies in the central part of the Federal Capital Territory FCT. The city is approximately 300 miles (435 km) northeast of Ibadan Oyo, making it a long-distance trip.

Interestingly, Abuja FCT was the first planned city to be built in Nigeria. It is 1,180 feet (360 meters) above sea level and makes it have a cool climate that suits our weather conditions.

Do you envisage Visiting Abuja FCT a couple of days from now, below is a summary of bus and ticket flight prices, and the time required to get there.

Distance: 590.3 km 

Travel Time By Road: 10 hours 6 min

Average Price: NGN8,000 – NGN 9,000

Boarding Time: 6 am

Flight Ticket: US$160 – US$180

Flight Time: 1h 9 min

Train Ticket: N/A

Main Routes from Ibadan to Abuja

Three routes can take you from Ibadan to Abuja. You can get there through

● Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd which covers a distance of 10 hr 14 min (574.5 km)

● Benin-Sagamu Expy/A121 and Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Rd which cover a distance of 12 hr 42 min (749.0 km).

Distance between Ibadan and Abuja

The distance between Ibadan to Abuja is approximately 10 hr 6 min (590.3 km) road. Time taken to travel to Abuja varies due to some unforeseen circumstances, these factors may include the following,

● The nature of the vehicle

● Speed of driver 

● Road conditions good or bad 

● Route driver took

● Traffic condition 

Ibadan to Abuja Cost of Transportation

The Transport fees from Ibadan to Abuja costs an average of N8,000 -N9,000 depending on the transport company, type of bus used for the trips, availability of tickets, and period of travel. 

Many transport companies convey passengers from Ibadan Oyo to Abuja daily, below are some transport companies that convey people from Ibadan Oyo to Abuja.

● Alakowe Bus

● Ifesinachi Transport Company Limited

● Ltd

● AKTC – Nsik Motors

● Big Joe Motors

● Ibadan Oyo Transport Company, 

● Peace Mass Transport,

●       ABC Transport, 

● GIGM Transport, 

●      GUO Transport,

●       Cisco Group Transport company,

● Young Shall Grow Transport,

●       Cross-country transport, 

●      PMT Transport company, 

and lots more to mention.

The above mass transit companies are tested and trusted, they give you maximum satisfaction and guarantee 100% safety as you embark on your journey. 

Ibadan to Abuja by Air

Passengers can also travel down Ibadan to Abuja by air. Flight time to Abuja from Ibadan is approximately 1 hr 9 min which is unarguably the fastest means of traveling to Abuja.

The average air ticket fee from Ibadan Oyo to Abuja (ABV) is between US$160 and US$180 which is approximately NGN 68,000 – NGN 76,000, be it an Economy seat or First class ticket.

 You can also make online inquiries to get the chipset prize for your journey.

Abuja is full of amazing places you can cool off and have great fun. You will be delighted to visit Abuja for the first time. 

Check out some of the places to see in Abuja, heads-up spot should be the Millenium Park Abuja where you see interesting things.

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