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How to Relocate from Port Harcourt to Abuja

How to Relocate from Port Harcourt to Abuja

If you are thinking of relocating from Port Harcourt to Abuja, this article provides you with all the details you need on the go.

Abuja is one of the most visited cities in Nigeria because it not only houses of expensive caliber but also it being the Federal Capital City of Nigeria.


As your wonderful resource, here’s a summary of what you need to know before you embark on your PH to Abuja voyage:


Distance: 625 km or 405 miles

Travel Time: 11 hours

Average Price: N11, 000

Flight Ticket: $141

Train Ticket: N/A



Three major routes will land you in Abuja, FCT, from Port Harcourt. These routes and their corresponding distances are given below:

  • Via Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Road (678.2 km)
  • Via A2 (664.4 km)
  • Via East-West Road and A2 (753.1 km)


Distance between Port Harcourt and Abuja

The driving distance between Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and Abuja by road depends on the route taken.

If you decide to travel via the Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Road, you will cover approximately 678.2 km which will last you 11 hours 29 minutes. Traveling via A2, on the other hand, you will cover an expected total distance of 664.4 km with an estimated trip of 11 hours and 36 minutes.

For East-West Road onward to A2, the total distance is 753.1 km while the time travel is estimated at 12 hours 6 minutes.

Of course, you should be aware that this travel time may vary due to conditions of the road, the situation of roadblocks, and other delaying factors like construction projects.


Port Harcourt to Abuja Cost of Transportation

You want to know how much is it from Port Harcourt to Abuja, well here’s the thing. Bus ticket prices from Port Harcourt to Abuja by road vary depending on the transport company. But on average, you need to budget about N11, 000.

Several factors account for the variation in bus prices. Among these factors are:

  1. Transport Company
  2. Demand for ticket
  3. Type of Bus and convenience
  4. Your bargaining power.
  5. Route
  6. Period of travel

Assuming to decide to drive, let’s estimate how much it would cost you. You will need about 70 liters of petroleum for the journey. However, the amount of fuel needed depends on your type of vehicle and the competence of its engine.


Port Harcourt to Abuja by Air

If you don’t want to travel by road, then get ready to pick up some wings. The ticket price for Port Harcourt (PHC) to Abuja (ABV) depends on the Flight Company, period of travel, or whether you are boarding first class or economy seats. On average, a round trip will cost you approximately $206 which is approximately N85, 000 according to the current exchange rate. The cheapest direct flight is about $141.


By the tie to get to this point reading this article, you must have reached Lokoja. But not to worry, you are not too far from home. You may want to take a moment and check out some of the nice places that will make your stay in Abuja fun.

Welcome to the FCT.

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