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How to Relocate From Yola to Abuja

How to Relocate From Yola to Abuja

This article provides you with a simple guide on how to relocate from Yola to Abuja with ease.

Yola is the capital of Adamawa State and is located in the Northeastern geopolitical region of Nigeria. It is the home state of Nigeria’s former Vice President Atiku Abubakar. The state is best known as the Land of Beauty, Sunshine, and Hospitality.

So, here’s a quick check for you.

Yola to Abuja Quick Facts

Distance: 801.2 km

Travel Time: 12 hr 13 min (by road)

Average Price: $28 – $45

Flight Ticket: $157 – $198

Flight Time: 1h 15

Train Ticket: N/A

Traveling from Yola to Abuja

There are two ways one can travel from Yola to Abuja. You can either take a flight from the Yola International Airport or travel by road. There is no train service from Yola to Abuja.

Yola to Abuja Route

There is only one major route from Yola to Abuja and that is via the Gombe – Yola Rd/A345. The total distance to be traveled on this route is 12 hrs. 13 min, not neglecting factors affecting such as speed of the vehicle, bad roads, and other related traveling factors.

Distance between Yola, Adamawa State, and Abuja

The distance to be traveled by road between Yola and Abuja is approximately 801.2 km.

Yola to Abuja Cost of Transportation

As mentioned above, there are two major means of getting to Abuja from Yola: by road and by air. Yola to Abuja’s cost of transportation varies based on the mode of transportation, and the transportation company of the carrier.

The average cost of transportation by road is $28 (NGN 12,000). This price however depends on the Transport Company and the type of vehicle to board. Also, depending on whether you are moving with your family or carrying some light luggage, Yola to Abuja cost of transportation may vary.

Going by air, you are expected to spend at least $157 (NGN 68,000 based on the current exchange rate).

Yola to Abuja by Flight

Flying from Yola to Abuja is the fastest way to travel between these two cities. The time of flight between Yola (YOL) and Abuja (ABV) is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, covering a distance of 567 km. Two major airlines fly this route, Arik Air and Air Peace.

On average, there are six flights run on this route weekly, excluding weekends and holidays that have varying schedules.

Moving your Luggage from Yola to Abuja

There are a number of interstate moving companies that will help you move your heavy luggage from Yola to Abuja part from local truck services. Some notable moving companies include Kineo Relocations, Express Movers, Bluehedge Relocators, and Move Me.

These companies provide relocation services from virtually every state in Nigeria to Abuja, and hence we recommend that you check their prices on their different websites before selecting the best mover for your luggage.


If you are relocating new from Yola to Abuja, you will find it interesting that there are so many indigenes of Adamawa residing in Abuja. Some of the notable places you will find Adamawa residents include Gwarinpa Estate, Nyanya, Wuse, Garki, etc. welcomes you to Nigeria’s capital, from the sunshine state.

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