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Is Guzape A Good Place To Live in Abuja?

Is Guzape A Good Place To Live in Abuja?

If you have been considering moving to Abuja or you already live in Abuja and need to move to a different location in the city and are weighing your choices about the right place to move to, this article is about Guzape and it will answer some of the important questions you might have about the place. And I hope it makes your decision easier to make.

About Guzape


Guzape is commonly referred to as Asokoro Extension. It is located in the Phase 1 region of the Federal Capital Territory and it is the only developing district in that area. Every other part of Abuja Phase 1 is completely developed except for Guzape which I’m very sure would join them soon. So if you are going to live in Guzape, you would be living in Abuja Phase 1 which is considered the most luxurious and beautiful part of Abuja. We really can’t expect less from a place that is totally developed.

Phase 1 is full of luxurious leisure spots, business opportunities, and really expensive real estate. It is in this phase that you have the likes of Asokoro, Maitama, Wuse and Garki which are some of the best places and most expensive areas to live in Abuja. And Phase 1 is also where the seat of power is.

Guzape’s topography is quite unique but also scenic. The elevation provides residents with some gorgeous views but the hills have contributed to why the Guzape is late in the scene of development like the other areas in Phase 1. Nevertheless, that has not stopped the rapid growth of the area.

Unlike a place like Wuse, Guzape is not all that commercial but that is nothing to worry about because you still have access to excellent social amenities in the district and around. Demands for things such as eateries, bars, markets and other social amenities have increased lately so you know more will spring up.

Guzape has some places of interest in the area such as foreign embassies, the Myra event center, African Independent Television, and Channels TV.

Getting Around

The district is surrounded by several neighborhoods including Asokoro on its northern side, Apo on its south, Gudu on the west, and Garki on its northwest area. The district is served by major roads including Murtala Muhammed Expressway and Hassan Musa Katsina street. So the district is easily accessible from toher areas of Abuja. And whenever you need to go to the Central Area, it’s only about a 15 minutes drive there.

Guzape is For What Level of Income?


The district is majorly a middle-income earner kind of place. So if that describes you, you shouldn’t have a problem living in the area. Based on the data gathered by Estate Intel, to be able to rent a 3-bedroom apartment in the district will cost you about 3.5 million naira. Some notable estates in Guzape include Paradise Hills Estate and Guzape Palms Homes


Guzape is located in Phase 1 Abuja and it is perfect for a middle-income earner. It is a fast-developing area and has all the basic social amenities that any resident would need to live comfortably.

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