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Jabi Lake: Abuja’s Most Popular Lake

Jabi Lake: Abuja’s Most Popular Lake

Unarguably, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja is a wonderful city with a lot of sights and places for both locals and tourists. One of those places is Jabi Lake, a recreational and tourist site.

What Is The Jabi Lake?

Jabi lake

Jabi Lake is a very popular lake in Abuja, probably the most widely known. The lake is a man-made body of water that was originally built to be a source of water for the inhabitants of Abuja. But, along the line, it became a tourist site and a fishing spot after they built the Usuma Dam. Jabi Lake, while it’s not so large, is still pretty big enough for various activities to go in it. It has a total surface area of 1300 hectares.

There is no beach in Abuja since it’s not a coastal area like Lagos or Ondo State. So the lake is the only thing that sort of gives an experience similar to what you would get at a beach.

Things You Can Do At Jabi Lake

Jabi lake

The Lake has a recreational park attached to it known as Jabi Park, where you can go for casual outings with your family and friends, picnics, and outdoors sports. The park is a good place to just chill, relax, and have a fun time.

You can also browse the Jabi Lake Mall which is also attached to the lake. The mall is one of the best and most popular malls in Abuja. You can shop or dine or just look around for anything that might catch your eye in the mall. If you would love to go for a long walk or do some jogging, there are promenades along the edge of the lake that is perfect for that.

Things you can do on the lake include boat rides and kayaking across the lake. Some people say if you love to watch the sunset, you would love the experience at Jabi Lake and Jabi park.

If you want to enjoy a very good view of the water and everything around, the best place to do it is from the Jabi Lake Mall, at the top level balcony.

From Jabi park, the mall provides a backdrop that infuses the lake with that natural plus modern feel. The calmness and peace at the lake make it an ideal place that helps you gain back some composure from a hectic work week.

Downside Of The Lake

The only problem you may have with the lake is it is somewhat not properly maintained. Parts of the lake are usually littered with plastic waste that can really be off-putting. In that aspect, the management has a lot of work to do to make the place completely neat and more attractive than it is now.

Nevertheless, you will have an amazing time visiting the lake and the surrounding facilities.


That is it about Jabi Lake. It’s a lovely place to visit and have a nice time. Have you been there before? Let me know about your experience in the comment section. And keep following to learn more about the city.

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