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4 Jobs with Accommodation in Abuja

4 Jobs with Accommodation in Abuja

Jobs with Accommodation in Abuja

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and, as such, remains the central hub for many economic activities. The city has a multicultural ethnic environment that doesn’t give a particular ethnic group dominance,, as every tribe in Nigeria is evenly represented.

It has been the desire of many to relocate to Abuja and get a share of what we describe as the national cake. However, the primary barrier has been funding to relocate, as well as job opportunities. A good part of the capital city has very high living costs as many must struggle through the day to meet daily needs to survive in the city.

This tends to be worse if you have no good-paying job in Abuja. Even when you eventually land a good job, the overhead cost of relocation, and accommodation, among other things, can discourage you from relocating.

In our update today, we shall look into jobs with accommodation in Abuja. The major discouragement encountered in taking up a Job when hired in Abuja has been the accommodation and transportation costs.

Our update will cover jobs in different sectors in Abuja with accommodation. We shall equally hint at some areas in Abuja with high job demand.

Jobs with Accommodation in Abuja

Below are Jobs in Abuja that come with accommodation.

1. Hotel Jobs in Abuja

Hotels in Abuja operate on a five-star level. Hotel jobs are a good option if you intend to get a job with accommodation in Abuja. A good number of hotels in Abuja offer accommodation to workers, especially those wanting to grow their careers.

Additionally, many of the positions in Abuja hotels are entry-level, making it easier to apply. There are a variety of position open in Abuja for hotel workers, starting from supervisors, cooks, accountants, cleaners, waiters, receptionists, etc.

Apply for Jobs with accommodation in Abuja here.

2. Factory Worker

If you have a strong interest in applying for jobs in Abuja but have an accommodation issue, then you should apply for a factory worker’s job. Factory workers are usually given the option of living on the company premises if they don’t have accommodation.

Factory jobs in Abuja with accommodation also come with welfare packages that will be enough to resettle you in the capital city. You can apply in Pure water factories, soap-making factories, etc. A good number of the positions are equally entry-level positions.

Apply for Factory worker jobs with accommodation in Abuja here.

3. Nannies

A lot of people don’t know that many of the nanny jobs in Abuja are full-time. Many bourgeoisie living in Abuja don’t have time to look after their little ones. These create room for nannies and housekeeping jobs to thrive.

Many of them are live-in jobs, as many clients will require you to live in their house with them. If you are employed, they offer accommodation and also feeding. This makes it easier for one to relocate quickly when employed in Abuja. You are saved accommodation issues and feeding issues when employed in Abuja as a nanny.

Apply for Nanny jobs with accommodation in Abuja here.

4. Contractor Jobs

Contractor jobs in Abuja are among the jobs in Abuja with accommodation. When Abuja companies hire contractors, they cater for accommodation, feeding, transport, and welfare, among many other things. Contractor Jobs require specialized skills and certification to qualify.

Though most contractor jobs in Abuja are not permanent, a visit to the capital city will open other windows of opportunity, especially if you are a professional.

Apply for contractor jobs with accommodation in Abuja here.


There are quite a handful of jobs in Abuja with accommodation not listed above. Follow us here on for subsequent updates on jobs in Abuja with accommodation.

We have also outlined 4 Businesses You Can Start With 50,000 Naira in Abuja and How To Live Affordably As A Young Person In Abuja to guide your plans in the capital city.


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