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Kubwa Abuja: Important Things To Know

Kubwa Abuja: Important Things To Know

Overview of Kubwa Abuja

Kubwa Abuja is one of the residential districts under the Bwari local government area in the Federal Capital Territory. Kubwa means big or large or loud, which is a perfect name for the district, as it is Abuja’s biggest satellite town and one of its major suburbs. And of course, it is a bustling city. The community has existed since the 1990s and is believed to be the largest community in the whole of West Africa.

The original residents of Kubwa Abuja were the Gbagyi people, but due to the government policy on their relocation, Kubwa became a new and heterogeneous community where all members of the community are composed of people from different major and minor ethnic groups in Nigeria. And these people are a mix of businessmen and women, civil servants, entrepreneurs, artisans, commercial bike riders, and many others.

Is Kubwa Abuja a Good Place to Live?

Kubwa Abuja

In terms of affordability, Kubwa is a very affordable place for a lot of people and they can get a good quality of life in the area. It is an ideal environment for people in the middle and lower-class income range. There is good infrastructure in the area such as electricity and water. Estates by the Federal Housing Authority have been constructed to ensure that the lower to middle class earners have affordable homes. And one of the cheapest estates in the district is known as Brick City, it is actually the most affordable. So if places like Maitama or Katampe are out of reach for you in terms of affordability, Kubwa is a good place to consider.

Something you should be aware of about Kubwa is, as a rapidly growing satellite town, probably due to how affordable the cost of living is and the many opportunities the place offers, there is an issue of overpopulation. Kubwa was originally created with 250 000 people in mind but as of 2019 the population has reached over 700 000 people. So, imagine what that number is in 2022 and what it would be in years to come.

Kubwa Sustainable Actions

Kubwa Abuja has experienced a sustainable development which residents attribute to the disparity in ethnicity and occupation combined with infrastructure. The district’s financial sustainability has been attributed to the variety of businesses that members of the community engage in. Some contributors to the district’s financial sustainability are civil servants who have jobs at government organizations, entrepreneurs, and other members of the workforce.

Getting Around

Kubwa Abuja

The neighboring towns close to Kubwa Abuja towards the east are Katampe, Gwarinpa, and Dawaki and to the south is Karsana. It is located just outside the Federal Capital City and is magnet for the middle and lower class who make up most of the population in the district. Abuja Central Business District is easily accesible from Kubwa.

The closest major road to Kubwa Abuja is the Murtala Mohammed Expressway, which allows easy access to the Abuja-Kaduna Highway and Abuja inner areas.


Kubwa Abuja is a rapidly developing community located in the Bwari Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory. The district is the largest community in West Africa and the most affordable for lower and middle income earners. If you enjoyed this article, tell me what you think about Kubwa Abuja in the comments and follow for more updates.

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