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State liaison Offices are just like embassies, they represent the interest of the state. They make it easy for citizens or indigenes of that state to process some documentation or resolve certain issues. Liaison Office means a place to act as a channel of communication between the principal place (State of Origin) and the citizen.

– Definition

Borno State Liaison Office

The Borno State Liaison Office acts as intermediary between the Borno State Government, agencies of Federal Government and other State Government on issues and matters of common interest.

The Office also acts as a link between Borno State Government, some stakeholders who have their corporate headquarters within the Federal Capital Territory and the various Embassies.

The Office provides top Government officials who visit Abuja on official assignment with various facilities ranging from protocol, assisting in issuance of official Passports, administrative and other essential services.  Such other services include reception, accommodation and ticket arrangements.

Furthermore, the Office is divided into 5(Five) Departments namely

  1. Administrative
  2. Human Resource,
  3. Documentation Matters,
  4. Environment & Maintenance Accounts,
  5. Government & Lodge Matters as well as

(Three) 3 Units namely:

  1. Purchasing,
  2. Public Affairs/ICT and Planning,
  3. Research & Statistics.

About State

From generation to generation, peace has been the common objective of mankind.

The world is dynamic, growth and development is what makes it a pleasurable place to be. This pleasure however cannot be attained without peace. Borno State’s acronym stands as Home of Peace.

This is why, especially before the Boko Haram crisis, people of different tribes and religions from within and beyond the country, troop in, to settle and engage in a range of economic activities.

Borno, for the records, is 1000 years old. It was one of the oldest and longest surviving empire in Africa. At the peak of its growth, its political influence was all over Africa, particularly the corridor that extends from West and Central Africa down to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea…Read More

Professor Babagana Zulum

Executive Governor of Borno State




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