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Magicland Amusement Park: Fun Things To Do

Magicland Amusement Park: Fun Things To Do

I can’t stress enough the amount of enjoyment there is in going to the amusement park. So in this article, I will be talking about fun things you can do at magicland amusement park in Abuja.

Magicland Amusement park used to be known as Wonderland and you wouldn’t be wrong should you decide to call it our own Nigerian Disneyland. It is the largest and very first amusement park in Nigeria as a whole. And it is arguably the best both in Abuja and all over Nigeria.

Magicland Amusement Park is located not too far from the Central District, in the heart of Abuja. A few minute’s drive will get you from the Central District to the amusement park which is across the National Stadium, nearby Abuja City Gate.

The amusement park has a beautiful environment which is even further augmented by the rocky landscape and pretty lush greenery.

Fun Things To Do At Magicland Amusement Park

Magicland amusement park

There are so many fun activities in store for you at the biggest amusement park in Nigeria from which you can get the most enjoyment. Here are some suggestions:

Have a relaxing time at the leisure gardens

Magicland amusement park

You will find leisure gardens dispersed in different areas of the park where you can simply chill and enjoy the beautiful greenery and everything nature has to offer. If you decide to just enjoy a picnic time with friends and family, there is more than enough shops and restaurants around to get food from.

Get on rides

Magicland amusement park

Whether you are an adult or a kid, rides are for everyone, maybe except the ones specifically made for kids. You would totally look weird if you tried to ride the children’s rides. So don’t take rides on rides made for kids.

But there is something for everyone so you have no excuse. There are many of them to choose from such as rollercoasters, water splash, or pirate ships. There are over 9 of them to pick from to get thrills and chills.

Enjoy a hearty meal at any of the restaurants

If you feel like the rides aren’t for you or you need something else to do after or before going on rides, you might want to try the restaurants in the Magicland Amusement Park. There are several ones to try where you can enjoy both local and continental meals that would do something amazing to your taste buds.

There are spots where you can get snacks such as Suya, icecream, cotton candy, and many others.

What Is The Entry Fee?

You would pay the sum of 500 naira to get in. While going on rides have their own fees, starting from 1000 naira. Make sure to go with enough cash to enjoy as many rides and meals as you want.


You are guaranteed maximum fun at Magicland amusement park. Family and friends can do many different activities together which provide a bonding opportunity for them.

Have you ever been to Magicland? Tell me about your experience below in the comments section. And keep following to learn more about the city.

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