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What Are The Most Expensive Areas In Abuja?

What Are The Most Expensive Areas In Abuja?

Are you curious about the most expensive places in Nigeria’s capital city? This article will answer your questions regarding the two most expensive areas in Abuja. So be sure to read till the end.

When the subject of the most expensive places in Nigeria comes up, you can always expect Abuja to make the list. Besides Portharcourt and Lagos, Abuja is one of the most expensive places to live in. The city is full of luxurious apartments, top-class hotels and restaurants, and some really expensive real estate.

There are several expensive areas in Abuja, but this article focuses on just two which a lot of people would agree are the most expensive. These places are Asokoro and Maitama.

The Most Expensive Areas In Abuja

Asokoro and Maitama unquestionably top the list when we talk about the most expensive areas in Abuja. In the following paragraphs, we will look at what is special about these places and why they are so expensive.


Asokoro in Phase 1 is where you will find most of the top government dignitaries. It is a high-brow society with a lot of influential and high-class personalities, and it is one of the best places in Abuja to live. Asokoro is an exclusive part of Abuja, the place where luxury of the highest order can be found, you might say.

A notable place in Asokoro is the Aso Rock Villa, also known as the presidential villa. So it is a pretty secure area as it is where the seat of power is. And then several international organizations, such as the World Health Organization(WHO) and Economic Community of West African State(ECOWAS) have their National headquarters here.

Cost Of Properties In Asokoro

One of the reasons why it wouldn’t be wrong to say Asokoro is reserved for the elite is reflected in the cost of properties in this area. Acquiring a plot of landcosts100 million naira at least. Depending on the size, purpose or location, land prices can be as high as 2 billion naira. Houses can cost as high as 700 million. The lowest you can probably find is 60 million naira. Anything below that is near impossible.

What Types Of People Live In Asokoro?

As I mentioned earlier, Asokoro has some high-profile persons living in the area. Number one of which is the president followed by top government dignitaries, and then some celebrities, big shots in business and several other high-class individuals.


most expensove areas in abuja

Maitama is one of the most expensive areas in Abuja and it is the second area we will focus on in this article. Maitama is also in Phase 1. It is another area that you can’t describe without using words like opulence and luxury. The truth is, it would be hard for anyone in the middle-class or a low income earner to survive in a place like Maitama.

Cost Of Property In Asokoro

Just like Asokoro, properties in Maitama are also high ticket. Obtaining a land can fall between 100 million naira and 2 billion naira depending on what it is the property would be used for. Renting a property, for instance, a 4-bedroom apartment, can get as high as 6 million naira. So living in a place such as Maitama is really not for the faint-hearted.

What Types Of People Live In Asokoro?

The class of people who dominate Maitama also includes top government dignitaries, diplomats, former politicians, and some business big shots.


There are many expensive areas, but in this article, I have only focused on the two most expensive areas in Abuja where property prices are super high and high-profile and high-class people live in. In future blog posts, I will talk about other areas so keep following and let me know your thoughts about this article in the comments.

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