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Who Owns The Most Expensive House In Abuja?

Who Owns The Most Expensive House In Abuja?

In this article, I will be talking about who owns the most expensive house in Abuja. If you have ever wondered who the person is, this article has the answer you are looking for.

The capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, has scores of of jaw-dropping buildings. It is the seat of power, a planned city, with prestigious and loaded personalities, so that is to be expected. In fact, you would wonder what sort of capital city it is if these magnificent structures don’t exist.

Even at that, there are some types of buildings you will come across and you can’t help but wonder who owns it and the amount of money that was splurged on it. Beautiful things get people’s attentions all the time. And because of how spectacular they are, they raise questions in people’s minds about the person or persons behind it. You know humans, we always get curious about extraordinary things. One such building that has raised such questions in people’s minds is the house that is referred to as the white house in Abuja. It is said that it’s the most expensive house in Abuja.

What Is The Most Expensive House In Abuja?

Most expensive house in Abuja

A very eye-catching edifice painted all white and looking majestic and exotic on Gana Street close to the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja is said to be the most expensive house in Abuja. It is so magnificent that the building leaves people in awe whenever they drive by. And yes, they can’t help but ask who owns it and what the building is supposed to be for.

Who Owns The Most Expensive House In Abuja?

Most expensive house in Abuja

This house that people mostly refer to as the white house is a multi-billion dollar building and one of the most beautiful in Abuja. It is said to be owned by the chairman of AA Oil Limited by the name Aliyu Abubakar. Aliyu Abubakar is of the Ebira tribe from Kogi State. Sources say he owns properties in several parts of Abuja and an estate in Wuse 2 comprising triplexes that are sold for over a billion naira.

How Much Is The Most Expensive House In Abuja?

Most expensive house in Abuja

Aliyu Abubakar mentioned in an interview that the land the house is built on cost a billion naira and he obtained the land in 2005 because of where the land was located. From the appearance of the building, you can tell that they did not design the house after the pattern that we mostly see in Nigeria. It looks like a building you would find in places like London. So it is assumed that the material used in the construction of the house were imported from overseas.

How much it cost to build the house is not exactly know but if the land which they built it on alone costs a billion naira, you can imagine all the money that went into the actual construction.

But the appraisal of the building shows it is valued at 20 billion naira. Unfortunately, the building was confiscated by the EFCC as a result of an oil deal scandal. Before the house was seized, it cost a whopping 1.2 billion naira just to repaint it in 2019.


The most expensive house in Abuja is a house built by Aliyu Abubakar located on Gana Street nearby Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja. It is worth billions and is one of the buildings with stunning architecture you will ever come across in Abuja.

You have come to the end of this article, if you enjoyed reading this blog post, keep following around abuja blog to get more updates about the city. Also, leave a comment below about what you think of the most expensive house in Abuja.

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