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Mpape Crushed Rock: Interesting Things To Know

Mpape Crushed Rock: Interesting Things To Know

Abuja is sprinkled with hills and rocks here and there. Some have become beautiful attractions for tourists. And one of such rocks can be found in Mpape, popularly known as Mpape Crushed Rock.

For a while, people didn’t know a place that beautiful existed. And when they heard that there was such a place, they set out to find out for themselves to see why people are raving about it. And what they see usually appeals them because it matches the hype.

History Of The Mpape Crushed Rock

Mpape crushed rock

From the name, you can tell that the rock is located in Mpape. Mpape was just a poor neighborhood in Abuja, with a lot of undeveloped areas. Mpape means rock and it is where most of the stones used to develop Abuja came from.

What is now known as Mpape Crushed Rock used to be a quarry site that was opened in 1977. This was not too along after it was decided that the capital city would be relocated to Abuja. The quarry was used copiously in the 1980s, and along with other quarries, it supplied most of the stones needed to construct new buildings when Abuja was being developed.

Why The Quarry Shut Down

The quarry shut down since 2010 due to flooding. This flooding occured because workers on this Mpape quarry site struck what is called an aquifer, an underground layer of water. That is the reason for the lake that is currently at the Mpape Crushed Rock.

It is said that a rock tremor took place in the site as lately as 2018 and deserted machinery are under the lake.

When Did Mpape Crushed Rock Become A Tourist Attraction?

Mpape crushed rock

While the place has existed for a long time, nobody knew of it. Then during the pandemic shutdown, people started looking for other means to have fun. And they discovered the Mpape crushed rock which became popular really quickly. So popular that BBC News has an article about it.

The high cliffs, lush greeneries, and a lake that sparkles beautifully under the sun all combine to make the place an interesting place to visit. Since people couldn’t do much as a result of the lockdown during the pandemic, the crushed rock provided much-needed fun as people would go there for picnics, hikes, and other interesting activities.

Things You Can Do At Mpape Crushed Rock

Mpape Crushed Rock

If you have a brave heart, you can hop on rock climbing. People dive into the lake but that has been warned against because of the abandoned machines beneath the lake that could cause injuries. You can hike the area with friends or you could just enjoy relaxing moments on the cliff-top picnicking and drinking in the beautiful view from there.

Is The Place Safe?

As far as I know, the site doesn’t pose any safety concerns. As long as you adhere to instructions from the residents who know the place much better, you wouldn’t be facing any risks by visiting.

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

You can visit any day of the week but it’s always best to do this during the weekends and in the evenings. You will find a lot more people during this time which would make your visit much more fun.

How Much Is Entry To The Mpape Crushed Rock

At the moment, they don’t charge entrance fees. And whether that wouldn’t be the case anymore in the future is something I don’t know of.


So that’s the story behind the Mpape Crushed Rock. Have you been there before? Share your experience in the comment section.

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