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New York to Abuja by Plane

New York to Abuja by Plane

In this article, we are going to look at the three different ways you can travel from New York to Abuja by plane.

From here, you will be able to compare ticket travel as well as travel times.

The three available routes from New York to Abuja are as follows:

RouteFlight TimePrice
Fly from New York JFK17h 42m$485 – $1,423
Fly from Newark18h 12m$521 – $2,327
Fly from New York La Guardia20h 1m$658 – $2,813

New York JFK (JFK) to Abuja (ABV)

The total distance traveled by air from New York JFK (JFK) to Abuja (ABV) is 8604 km, and the estimated time of flight is 17h 40m. Note that this estimated time includes a 3h 49m layover time on average. The average ticket price is between $470 and $1,400.

The major airline companies operating the New York to Abuja flights include British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, and others. Except for weekends and holidays, 55 flights run this route weekly.

New York JFK (JFK) to Abuja (ABV) Schedules

AirlineDeparturesDaysFlight Time
British Airlines07:55 – 04:40
Arrives next day
Daily except for Thursdays15h 45m
1 stop
Virgin Atlantic08:15 – 04:40
Arrives the next day
Daily15h 25m
1 stop
Lufthansa16:05 – 16240
Arrives the next day
Daily19h 15m
1 stop
Air France19:30 – 18:15
Arrives the next day
Daily17h 45m
1 Stop
Ethiopian Airlines22:00 – 16:30
Arrives the next day
Wednesdays and Saturday13h 30m
1 stop
Delta23:45 – 20:15
Arrives the next day
Daily15h 30 m
1 stop
Africa World Airlines23:45 – 20:15
Arrives the next day
Daily15h 30 m
1 stop
ASKY19:45 – 16:30
Arrives the next day
Mo, We, Fri, Su15h 45m
2 stops

Companies running services between New York, NY, USA, and Abuja, Nigeria

There are several companies running flight services between New York and Abuja. In total, there are nine airlines that fly this route. These airlines fly every 4 hours from New York to Abuja.

The following Airlines operate the New York to Abuja flights:

  Ethiopian, ASKYvia Lomé13h 30m+
  United, British Airwaysvia London15h 10m+
  Virgin Atlantic, British Airwaysvia London15h 25m+
  Delta, Lufthansavia Frankfurt15h 30m+
  British Airwaysvia London15h 45m+
  Air Francevia Paris16h 15m+
  Lufthansavia Frankfurt17h 15m+
  Turkish Airlinesvia İstanbul17h 30m+

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a flight from New York to Abuja take?

In determining this flight time, you have to take note that there is no direct flight on this route. The average flight time from New York to Abuja is 17h 45m.

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from New York to Abuja?

Turkish Airlines ($445) and Qatar Airways ($449) provide the cheapest one-way ticket, while for round-trip tickets Turkish Airlines costs $767 and Lufthansa costs $799. These are by far the cheapest.

How many hours is Abuja to USA by air?

A flight between Abuja and the USA is approximately 22 hours and 20 minutes.

Is there a direct flight from Nigeria to New York?

Yes, there is a direct flight between Lagos and New York. Delta Airlines fly directly three times a week. Other airlines such as Air France, British Airways, and Emirates, etc. run this route daily but have one stopover.

How much is ticket from New York to Nigeria?

KAYAK provides the cheapest ticket for this route which costs $409.

How much is from Abuja to USA?

Prices for Abuja to USA flights range from $634 (one-way flights) and $976 (round trips).

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