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Orisun Art Gallery: Everything To Know

Orisun Art Gallery: Everything To Know

Art is essential for life. It makes life more colorful and enjoyable. So in this article, we will be taking a look at an important art gallery in Abuja, Orisun Art Gallery.

History Of The Orisun Art Gallery

Orisun art gallery

The owner of Orisun Art Gallery, Olubunmi Ayodeji Adetunbi, came from a family of art lovers which automatically turned him into an art lover himself. He became a keen art collector and over the years he assiduously collected exquisite works of art for about 30 years. His collection grew so large that he felt the need to have them displayed in a gallery. And that was how the idea of Orisun Art Gallery was born.

What really gave birth to the idea of starting an art gallery was that Adetunbi noticed that the art scene in Abuja was lacking something. He recognized a gap and decided to fill that gap. He saw an opportunity to give tourists the chance to experience rich work of art.

Services Of Orisun Art Gallery

Orisun art gallery

A Means To Aquire Authentic Art

They make it easy to obtain and own unique and original art works at a competitive and decent price.

Art Dealership

They have an in-house team of competent curators and art dealers who collaborate with collectors and artists to provide extraordinary dealership opportunities and options.


Hundreds of excellent artworks are on display in the Orisun Art Gallery in a picturesque space which is situated in a prime and easily accessible vicinity. The gallery provides an outstanding display and viewing opportunities for people. And in case you want a private art exhibition, that is also available to you.

Literary Expositions

Orisun Art Gallery provides a vibrant space where the Abuja literary scene can find extensive creative expression. So all genres of art including literary, visual, and performing arts are given an outlet to shine.

Arts and Craft Corner

At the arts and craft center, there are fascinating hand-crafted works by local artisans. These pieces depict the skill and creativity of these artisans including dashing cultural clothing, unusual ornamental pieces, and local delicacies.

Customer Support Services

If you need to get an artwork installed or mounted or you need to get an artwork framed or restored, all these services are offered by the Orisun Art Gallery.

Forms Of Artworks Exhibited At Orisun Art Gallery

Orisun art gallery

There are plenitude of different art forms at the gallery including gorgeous sculptures and paintings made of acrylic, charcoal, oil, and other mixed media. There are woodworks, bronze, metal, stone, relief etchings, and tapestry works.

Location Of Orisun Art Gallery

Orisun Art Gallery is located on the 1st Floor of Tropic Gallery Mall, beside Grand Square, Central Business District, Abuja.


Orisun Art Gallery can easily be referred to as the mother of art galleries in Abuja for its extensive collection of artworks. It is one of the top galleries in Abuja that you can visit for free. So if you need a free place in Abuja to visit on the weekend, this is one of the places to try.

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