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What Are The Best Phases In Abuja?

What Are The Best Phases In Abuja?

Learn About The Phases In Abuja And All They Offer

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria, the country with the most population in all of Africa. Abuja, which is a planned city, is built in the 1980s and is located in the center of the country. It became the capital city, in place of Lagos, in 1991, on December 12.

Abuja is full of exciting places with outstanding architecture. It is well known for its wholesome weather, gorgeous greenery, and robust culture. Dive in to learn about all the phases in Abuja and what they offer.

How Many Phases And Districts Are In Abuja?

There are a total of 5 phases in Abuja and within these phases are 50 districts. Many of these districts are still under development.

Phase 1

Phases in Abuja

Phase 1 in Abuja is probably one of the best out of the other phases. It is remarkably beautiful and it’s the most expensive area in Abuja as it is the most developed with outstanding infrastructures. Phase 1 has an extensive network of roads. It is also where most governmental and commercial activities take place.

When you think about where the best blend of business and leisure activities takes place, think about Phase 1.

The districts in Phase 1 of Abuja include Wuse, Asokoro, Garki, Guzape, Maitama, and Central Area.

Wuse is the spot for everything recreation and shopping. For luxurious residential neighborhoods and hotels, Maitama and Asokoro come to mind. While Garki and the Central Area are hot spots for governmental and business activities.

Phase 2

Phases in Abuja

Phase 2 in Abuja is similar to Phase 1 in some ways but some areas are still undergoing development. Phase 2 is easily one of the best phases in Abuja after Phase 1.

The infrastructural level is good. You can still find a lot of recreational and leisure spots, impressive hotels, real estate, and business opportunities.

Phase 2 contains 15 districts including Wuye, Jabi, Gaduwa, Apo-Dutse Gudu, Utako, Durumi, Kado, Jahi, Kaura, Mabushi, Katampe, Dakibiyu, Duboyi, Kukwuaba.

Most of the districts in Phase 2 are residential districts but Utako, Gudu, and Jabi are some of the districts with more commercial activities.

Phase 3

Phases in Abuja
Villa Afrika Realty

Phase 3 in Abuja still has much work to be done on it before it can begin to compare with either Phase 1 or Phase 2. But plans are being put in place by the government to speed up the transformation of the area in a couple of years to come.

That means Phase 3 is one of the best phases in Abuja to invest in, real estate wise, as there is room for future development and the rise of commercial activities. Properties are more affordable here because these areas aren’t too close to the city center.

Several neighborhoods in Phase 3 have good and accessible networks of roads making it easy to access the Abuja airport and the Central Area.

There are 17 districts in Phase 3 including Gwarinpa, Kabusa, Dakwo, Bunkoro, Dape, Industrial Area, Kafe, Life camp, Kabusa, Galadimawa, Nbora, Karmo, Wupa, Pyakasa, Okanje, Saraji, and Okanje.

Phase 4

Phases in Abuja
Villa Afrika Realty

Only a little development has taken place in Phase 4, although there are lands that have been allotted for various constructions some of which haven’t taken place yet. Real estate is the most affordable here compared to the first 3 phases in Abuja and it’s due to the little level of development.

Phase 4 districts include Gwari, Tasha, Bude, Sheretti, Burun, Sabo Gida, Chafe, Parfun, Gidari Bahagwo, Mamusa, Gwagwa, Kpoto, Ido Gwari, Ketti, Idu, Karsana, Jaite, Kagini, and Kaba.

Phase 5

Phases in Abuja
Villa Afrika Realty

Phase 5 in Abuja consists of only two districts which include Kyami and Lugbe. These places are close to the Abuja airport road and there have been a lot of investments in the housing estates sector from the past years.


Obviously, Phases 1 and 2 are the best phases in Abuja while Phase 3 lies in the middle.

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