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Pros of Living in Abuja: Very Important Things to Note

Pros of Living in Abuja: Very Important Things to Note

Like any city around the world, there are pros and cons to living in Abuja. In this article, we are going to look at some of the advantages or pros of living in Abuja.

Newcomers, moving into Abuja newly may find this information very useful. In fact, not only newcomers but also those who have been in Abuja for quite some time may find this article useful.

Ok, let’s ride into what the pros of living in Abuja are.

Pros of Living in Abuja

Let’s start with the notable pros or advantages of living in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

Warm all Year Round

Weather is one thing most people consider when relocating to a new town or city. Abuja weather is predominantly warm almost all year round. Abuja has two major seasons namely the Rainy and Dry seasons, the city also witnesses a dry windy season called Harmmatan which is characterized by cold. The Harmattan usually comes between the months of November and April.

Good Air Quality

The air quality of Abuja is of good quality on average. Green vegetation makes it possible for air to be recycled easily, reducing the number of toxic gases in the environment.

English is the Official Language

You will find communication easy in Abuja because most of the people living in and around Abuja speak English. There may be a little variation in Nigerian English though, but you will be able to pick up communicating with the locals very easily.

Spacious and not crowded

Abuja is not an overcrowded city like other big cities around the world. The city is well-planned, one of the best-planned capital cities on the continent.

Easy to make friends

Because Abuja houses many people from different cultural backgrounds, races, religions, and what have you, it is relatively easy for one to get acquainted and make friends within the shortest possible time. You can make friends with people from virtually all over the world.

Safe for women

Is Abuja a safe place to live for women?

Abuja is not known for so many cases of violation of any kind against the weaker gender, women. As a result, it makes Abuja a safe town for both genders. This is a wonderful feature that Abuja has to offer which is gender equality. Basically, Abuja is a safe place to live for women.

Not many people smoke tobacco

While there is no strict law banning the smoking of tobacco, not many people in Abuja smoke Tobacco. Although there are public areas where tobacco smoking is prohibited, you hardly see random smoking even in the prohibited areas. If you are the type that doesn’t like tobacco smoke, then Abuja is the right city for you.


Abuja is really a nice place to live with its numerous advantages. However, the pros mentioned above are just a few ones that we think you should know about at a glance.

As always, anything that has advantages also has disadvantages. So we suggest you take a look at some of the cons of living in Abuja for a better understanding of the city you are about to move to.

Thank you for reading this article. cares.

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