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How to Relocate from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja 

How to Relocate from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja 

From the Kebbi State Capital City, this is how to relocate from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja.

Have you thought about traveling by flight but don’t know how much it would cost? Not to worry, This article will give you full information about your anticipated Journey.

Abuja FCT is the seat of power and capital of Nigeria. The city was built in the 1980s. It officially became Nigeria’s capital on 12 December 1991, replacing Lagos state.

Wanting to visit Abuja soon or later, below is a summary of the cost of transport and time required to travel down to Abuja.

Distance: 651.3 km 

Travel Time By Road: 9 hours 25 min

Average Price: NGN10,000 – NGN 16,000

Boarding Time: 6 am

Flight Ticket: $150 – $240

Flight Time: 1 hour 

Train Ticket: N/A

Main Routes from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja

Buses can travel to Abuja from Birnin Kebbi through these routes;

● Kotangora – Jega Rd/A1 which covers a distance of 8 hr 40 min (559.4 km)

● Kotangora – Jega Rd/A1 and A125 which covers a distance of 10 hr 37 min (697.8 km)

Distance between Birnin Kebbi and Abuja

The distance between Birnin Kebbi to Abuja is approximately 8 hr 40 min 559.4 km by road. Although Some factors may delay the supposed time required to travel down to Abuja, these factors are vehicle model, speed, road conditions, traffic jams, etc.

Birnin Kebbi to Abuja Cost of Transportation

It will cost approximately 

NGN10,000 – NGN 16,000 to travel to Abuja by bus. This price variation difference may depend on the period of travel, vehicle model, transport company, and road taxes.

A handful of mass transit buses convey people to Abuja from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja daily, below are some transport companies that convey people from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja.

● A. A Rano Transport Ltd

● Kebbi State Transport Service Ltd

● TransRoyal Courier, and lots more.

The above mass transit companies are licensed to travel interstates, they offer maximum satisfaction and guarantee 100% safety as you make your trip to Abuja.

Birnin Kebbi to Abuja by Air

Not minding air ticket costs, a lot of people still prefer traveling to Abuja by air. Flight time to Abuja from Sultan Saddik Abubakar Airport Birnin Kebbi is approximately 1 hour, making it look like within a twinkle of an eye Journey.

The average air ticket fee from Birnin Kebbi to Abuja (ABV) is around US$150 – US$240 which is approximately NGN63,000 – NGN 100,800, be it an Economy seat or First class flight ticket.

I advise you to make further inquiries regarding variations in air ticket prices to get the best and cheapest price tag.

Abuja is a clean and planned city built with a Government approved master plan. There are beautiful architectural edifices that surround the city.

You don’t have to miss the Argungu Fishing Festival, a trip to the Fisherman Village Jabi Lake Resort will rekindle your experiences.

There are also side attraction sites and hotels, visitors can lodge if the need arises. Check some of the fun places in Maitama and popular parks in Abuja.

Thanks for your time, Welcome to Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

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