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Romantic Hotels For Honeymoon Getaway In Abuja

Romantic Hotels For Honeymoon Getaway In Abuja

If you are planning your wedding right now, chances are you are also thinking about a place to go for your honeymoon. If romantic hotels are what you are thinking of, this article contains some suggestions that you might want to consider. So make sure to stick around and read till the end.

Honeymoon celebrations have been in existence for ages. It started as far back as the 5th century. In those days, the celebration was as simple as drinking mead to mark the first “moon” of their marriage. Mead is an alcoholic drink that is made from fermented honey and water. That is where the word honeymoon came from.

It’s not that simple nowadays. Now, people go to special destinations to celebrate their honeymoons to make it a more memorable time in their marriage.

Honeymoons are important for a number of reasons. It is a time to relax after a long, hectic period of planning the perfect wedding and entertaining a lot of guests on your wedding day.

Honeymoon is a time to celebrate your love for your spouse and the fact that the big day finally came and is done and over with.

It’s also a time to adjust to things like changing names or titles or getting used to fully living together. A week or two away at a special place can help you both adjust to this new life.

Honeymoon is a chance to get intimate with your spouse in a special place. It’s a time to explore the world through each other’s perspectives and make plans for the future.

Now let us get into the juicy part of the article, romantic hotels in Abuja perfect for Honeymoon getaway.

Romantic Hotels In Abuja For Honeymoon Getaway

There are many luxurious and romantic hotels in Abuja where you can celebrate this very important time with your spouse but I have picked some really great ones you might want to consider.

AES Luxury Apartments

romantic hotels

Address: Plot 1118, Jabi Airport Road, Daki Biu District, Jabi, Abuja

Phone number: 0809 531 6575

AES Luxury Apartments is a beautiful, well-managed facility that is bound to make your honeymoon experience an amazing one.

Behere Boutique Hotel Abuja

Address: Dakibiyu by, Jabi, Plot 8 and, 9 ICS Dr, Abuja

Phone number: 0913 013 0048

Behere is one of the most romantic hotels to celebrate your honeymoon. You and your spouse would enjoy calm, peace, and needed privacy in this top class and aesthetically pleasing hotel. If you book here, you are in a for an amazing time.

Grand Pela Hotel & Suites

Address: Plot 649, Cadastral Zone B02, Near American Int’l School, Durumi Area 1 Garki, 900104, Abuja

Phone number: 0817 602 5992

Grand Pela is one of the romantic hotels in Abuja perfect for a honeymoon getaway. It’s a fully equipped hotel that is just the exact fit if what you want is a soft honeymoon.

Brookville Hotel & Suite

Address: Plot 533 Behind Ebeano Supermarket Gaduwa District lokogoma Amac FCT

Phone number: 0810 014 0755

Brookeville hotel and suite is a place to totally relax and be comfortable as you make special moments with your spouse. It is one of the romantic hotels to visit for a special honeymoon getaway.

Barca Liga Hotels

Address: 2422 Franca Afegbua Cres, Gudu 900110, Abuja

Barca Liga hotels is one of the romantic hotels in Abuja which has everything you need to have the most amazing honeymoon getaway. The atmosphere here is just perfect.


Those are my suggestions for romantic hotels for your honeymoon celebration. I hope you find one that suits you and your spouse and have an amazing honeymoon.

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