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What Is The Tallest Building In Abuja?

What Is The Tallest Building In Abuja?

If you want to know about the tallest building in Abuja, you have come to the right place. And I hope you enjoy reading about it in this article.

From the time the capital city relocated to Abuja in 1991, the city has seen some amazing growth and development down the years. Abuja is a purpose-built and planned capital city, one of the special things about the place. You can see it in the orderliness and how structured the city is.

Tallest building in abuja

Among the many things that developed so beautifully about Abuja, one of them is the Abuja skyline. If you compare the present Abuja to what it used to be back in the 90s or 80s, there is so much difference and it’s really amazing.

Talking about the Abuja skyline, although it still can not be compared to some cities in other parts of the world, it’s still impressive what we have been able to achieve. Abuja has buildings 100s of feet above the ground and in this article, I will be talking about the tallest of them all.

The Tallest Building In Abuja

The tallest building in Abuja is the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center is an eight-building complex in Abuja Central Business District. It is still under construction, and out of the 7 skyscrapers planned for the area, two have been completed while the rest are still under construction and have been topped out to a certain stage.

What Is The World Trade Center?

Tallest building in Abuja

The World Trade Center, the tallest building in Abuja, is meant to be the most luxurious destination in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole for luxury living, global commerce, and top-notch entertainment. 8 towers are planned for the site and they are a mix of residential and commercial spaces including offices, a mall, and a hotel.

World Trade Center Towers

Tallest buildings in abuja

Out of the eight towers planned to be constructed, Tower 1 and Tower 2 as they are called have been completed.

Tower 1

Tower 1 is a residential building, with 24 floors, and 361 feet in height, making Tower 1 the second tallest building in Abuja. There are a total of 120 apartments in Tower 1, all a mix of 1 to 6-bedroom flats, duplexes, penthouses, and pool villas. Tower 1 was completed in 2015.

Tower 2

While Tower 1 is residential, Tower 2 has offices of several sizes occupying its 25 floors. It stands at 394 feet high, making it the tallest building in Abuja. Tower 2 was also completed in 2015.

The other towers that haven’t been completed will comprise even more residential spaces along with offices, a mall, and a hotel.

When Did The Construction of The World Trade Center Start?

It started in 2010 on land that was over 6000 hectares in Abuja Central Business District. President Goodluck Jonathan did the groundbreaking in September 2011 and it was estimated that it would be completed before 2013. But of course, there were delays and redesigns according to changing market demands.

World Trade Center is Funded By Who?

The funding of the tallest building in Abuja is done by private investors and private financial institutions and expenses run into over 200 billion naira. The Churchgate Group, a real estate company in Nigeria, are in charge of the development of the World Trade Center.

Included in this project are also partners and consultants. Abuja Investment Company is a partner, while WSP Consulting, Edifice Consultants, and MEP Consultant are consultants in the project among others.


The World Trade Center Tower 2 is the tallest building in Abuja standing at a height of 394 feet. It is one of the buildings in Abuja with magnificent architecture and it is a sight to behold. Have you driven past or visited the World Trade Center before? I would love to hear what your thought is about the place in the comment section.

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