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How Lucrative Is Uber Business In Abuja?

How Lucrative Is Uber Business In Abuja?

Have you been thinking about going into the Uber business in Abuja? Read this article to the end to know how much you can being a Uber driver in Abuja.

What Does It Mean To Be A Uber Driver?

Uber Business

Being a Uber driver means you use your own car to pick up people, or riders, in order to get them to their desired destinations in a city. What you earn as a driver depends on the number of trips you complete using the Uber app.

How Much Money Can You Make From Uber Business In Abuja?

Uber business

Uber driving has saved a lot of people from being broke and idle in a country with dwindling job opportunities. How much you earn as an Uber driver mostly depends on you and how hardworking you are determined to be.

A number things that factor into how lucrative Uber Business can be for you depends one or more of the following:

  1. Your location. Places like Lagos and Abuja are good for business because in these areas, many people need comfort when they head out to their destinations.
  2. The number of trips you cover. A driver who makes, let’s say, 15 trips a day is bound to make more money than a driver who only made 5 trips.
  3. Hours that you put into your work. If you can put in a lot of hours, you are bound to see dividends of your hardwork.
  4. Competition from other riding services. There are other riding services fiercely competing with Uber and so that might affect the number of people using the Uber App.

If you are starting in the Uber business, you will most probably start out with UberX, the entry-level stage of Uber. Compared to Uber Premium, which is for professional levels, UberX is more popular because it is the service that most Uber drivers have found to be more affordable for them.

If you are able to make at least 2 rides in an hour and work up to 30 hours a week, you could be taking home almost 62,000 naira a week. If you are able to consistently make that amount every week, you will be earning almost 250,000 naira a month which is not very bad at all. So the Uber business is a lucrative one.

How To Maximize Your Earning In Your Uber Business

Uber business

There will be days when things may not go as you have imagined or planned. But you can put plans in place to reduce the impact such days would have on your business. So here are some things you can do to maximize your earning:

  • You will get a lot of business around hotels and shopping malls. Those are places you will always find people. So in an area like Wuse there are many hotels and hangout spots, you would make more from being around such places.
  • Build rapport with more experienced drivers that are willing to divulge valuable tips on how you can earn more in your business.
  • Take advantage of days when big concerts and events are happening.
  • Try to form and maintain a close relationship with security guards in hotels and restaurants. It just might happen that some guests in these hotels or restaurants need a late ride home. And so the security guard would have someone to call in such situations.
  • Take advantage of rush hours.
  • Always park in spots which make it easy for you to be on your way to customers as soon as a they book a ride.


Uber business is lucrative in Abuja if you know how to be smart and hardworking about it. And I hope you find some of the tips above useful.

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