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What Are Dangerous Places In Abuja?

What Are Dangerous Places In Abuja?

It is easy to think that since Abuja is where the seat of power is that there are probably no bad places. But like any place in the world, there are dangerous places in Abuja that, if you can’t avoid them, requires you to be cautious. And we will look at some of those places in this article.

Dangerous Places in Abuja

The following are some of the most dangerous places in Abuja that you might not be able to avoid but they are places where you have to be extra careful.

Airport Road

Dangerous places in Abuja

This is a very heavily used part of Abuja. And over the years, crime rates in the area have only increased. People have reported being attacked by armed bandits on the road. So you really want to be cautious whenever you have to use that route.

Wuse Market

Dangerous places in Abuja

The Wuse market is located in Wuse Zone 5 and it is the main market in the area. Criminal activities are not unheard of in places like a market. Since the Wuse Market is the main market in the district, a lot of criminal activities go on there. People have claimed that criminals disguise themselves as traders or taxi drivers. And a lot of such activities happen at the intersection of the market or along the route to the market.

Masalachi Junction

This is one of the most dangerous places in Abuja where women are the main targets. Masalachi is in the Central Business District. It is an intersection that connects Herbert Macaulay Way, Samuel Ademulegun Avenue, and the national mosque. The area is close to the presidential villa but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a place where hoodlums function.

Bolingo Junction

The criminal aactivities that go on at the Bolingo junction include phone and bag theft and vehicle vandalism. A news report claimed there is a bushy part in the area which criminals use to escape after committing a crime.

Garki Area 1 Roundabout

The roundabout at Area 1 in the Garki district is also one of the most dangerous places in Abuja. The Area 1 intersection connects Durumi, Apo, ans Wuse, so it is a very busy stop in Abuja. Although this area is close to the headquarters of the Nigerian police, it hasn’t prevented the robbery attacks that have been reported to have happened in the area.

An area that is particularly very dangerous at the roundabout is under the bridge. It is risky to be there late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Dantata Bridge

Dangerous places in Abuja

It’s been reported that hoodlums have made this area their assembly ground. It is usually an isolated area at night so people have fallen victim to thefts from the hoodlums.

Apo Roundabout

Apo roundabout is in Garki 2 along Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway. It is a very popular bus stop in Abuja but also one of the most dangerous places in Abuja, at night especially.

The crimes that take place in this area include sexual harassment and robbery. It’s been learned that criminals make use of a slope in the area to descend on unsuspecting victims. Although the place has been raided by the police several times, it hasn’t reduced the criminal activities that go on there.


Yes, Abuja is a safe place. It is one of the reasons people are relocating to the city every day. But the city has its dangerous areas which is really not a strange thing because it is like that everywhere. So in the list above are some of the most dangerous places in Abuja that you want to try as much as possible to avoid, especially when it’s getting late.

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