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Highest Paying Side Hustles in Abuja

Highest Paying Side Hustles in Abuja

Highest Paying Side Hustles in Abuja

Nigerians are without a doubt incredibly hardworking people that strive every day to survive. The inhabitants of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, are also included.

Given the high cost of living in the city and the difficulty of surviving in Abuja with only one source of income. Fortunately, people are increasingly using side jobs to supplement their regular income.

Here are a few profitable side businesses that Abuja citizens are engaging in to supplement their income and pay for decent living conditions.



Uber and Bolt are two well-known taxi-hailing services among Abuja residents. These are online taxi-hailing services that let commuters order cabs from any location. For many Abuja residents, these taxi-hailing apps have become a wonderful source of income.

There are many people with white-collar occupations who engage in these taxi services as a side business at the end of each day and earn considerable money from it, in addition to those who do it full-time.

Additionally, a lot of Abuja car owners pick up passengers in their vehicles both on the way to and from work. It is a tactic that enables them to recoup the money they lose due to daily gasoline expenses and other minor expenses.


In their numerous offices, many office workers offer a variety of items. This is a more typical form of side business practiced by Abuja locals.

Every office you visit will have someone peddling something, especially government ones. While some employees prepare snacks to sell at work, others market a variety of goods, including clothes, jewelry, shoes, and even food. Most often, they provide these products on credit, to be paid off when the buyer receives their pay.


Yea! Shopping Grocery, you heard us right it was not a mistake. People actually make a decent amount of income shopping groceries in Abuja.

Abuja is a busy metropolis and boasts of some of the country’s workforce. There are many hard-working business owners and professionals there who put in long hours throughout the week and occasionally on the weekends to make a living. These locals still need to go grocery shopping despite putting in long days at work.

In order to meet the requirements of others who do not have the opportunity to go food shopping due to their busy schedules, several Abuja residents have adopted the side business of grocery shopping.

This side business is quite simple. Obtaining the client’s order will allow you to simply go shopping for them in the market or other stores. You are paid a fee for the shopping, and some people can benefit from their skill at haggling by securing better terms for themselves. People work a side business in addition to their main jobs.


Home tutoring is undoubtedly a fantastic source of income, particularly for individuals whose day job is teaching. The majority of Abuja school teachers use after-hours home tutoring as an additional source of income.

Many home tutors use this side business to earn far more money than their normal pay with just two jobs. Appropriate time management and scheduling abilities are a crucial component that aids them in this endeavor.


Abuja has a bubbling urbane lifestyle that gives room for the business of running errands to thrive. You can easily acquire either a second-hand value motorcycle of full-option motorbike and customize it to a delivery bike.

A lot of people working in Abuja are top professionals who don’t have time for some errands, this is where you come in as a delivery person. Helping them pick up lunch from their favorite restaurant, parcel delivery, and pick-ups among many other handy logistics you can help them run.

Aside from individuals, you can also partner with online vendors to deliver goods or products to their customers. The good part is that you can schedule your work hours or get someone reliable to do the job for you.


Abuja is center of excellence, luxury, and power. The stupendously rich reside in this city. Five out of 7 mansions and residential homes in Abuja have a pool. If you know how to clean pools and sanitize them, you are likely to make really good money helping these homeowners clean their pools.

Network with people and also use social media to advertise your expertise. Pool cleaning is one of the highest-paying side-hustles in Abuja.


Abuja’s real estate market is booming, thanks to the sky-high prices of homes in the capital. People with strong sales and marketing skills are transitioning to part-time real estate agents, where they may supplement their income with the commission from closing real estate agreements.



To bottom line is that it will be hard for you to survive in Abuja with only one source of income. Abuja is bubbling with lots of opportunities with many thriving sectors. Engage in any of the listed side hustles and make good money for yourself. You can equally learn high in-demand skills to complement any job you currently have and position yourself for any opportunity Abuja presents your way.

Relocation to Abuja will not be as tough as you think if you check out our guide to getting around Abuja. Our platform is your surest guide if you are looking for how to live in Abuja as a young person.




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