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Which Area Is Abuja Central Business District?

Which Area Is Abuja Central Business District?

If you live in Abuja, you are probably familiar with Abuja Central Business District or at least have heard about the area. If you have any questions about this area of Abuja, this article will answer those questions. So be sure to read till the end.

What Is The Abuja Central Business District?

Abuja central business district

The Central Business District is also referred to as the Abuja Central Area or shortened to CBD. It is the backbone of the Phase 1 area of Abuja and also it is Abuja’s major business zone. Abuja Central Area has only a handful of residential areas because most of the area is made up of commercial buildings and it is where the national headquarters of many local and international institutions are located. High-class individuals live here the most.

Where Is Abuja Central Business District?

Abuja Central Business area is situated in the middle of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja Phase 1. It is surrounded by Maitama to the northeast, to the southeast is Asokoro. Garki is to the southwest, to the northwest is Wuse, while Kukwaba is to the west.

Major Places In The Central Business District

Abuja central business district
Ministry of Defense

The central area has some notable places such as the Three Arms Zone, the Eagles Square where important parades take place, and the world trade center which is one of the magnificent architectural structures in Abuja, the National Mosque, the National Christian Center, the Ministry of Defense, and many others.

Property and Land In The Central Business District

Most properties in Abuja Central Business District are reserved for commercial and business purposes such as shopping centers and offices. This area has some of Abuja’s and as well Nigeria’s finest architectural buildings. Good examples are the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the NNPC towers.

How Is The Social Life In Abuja Central Area

If you are looking for some of the nicest spots to hang out in Abuja, the Central Business District has really cool places to hang out. The area has some excellent movie theaters, cafes, restaurants, lounges, and specialty shops that will catch your fancy.

Abuja Central Area Major Roads

It is easy to get around in the central area and it also quite easy to access this area from other parts of Abuja. The major roads that serve Abuja central area are Shehu Shagari Way, Constitution Avenue, Ahmadu Bello Way, Independence Avenue, and Herbert Macaulay Way.


Abuja Central Business District is located in Phase 1 of the Federal Capital Territory. It is majorly a commercial district and it hosts several national headquarters of important organizations.

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