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Where Is Asokoro Located In Abuja?

Where Is Asokoro Located In Abuja?

Where is Asokoro located in Abuja? If you want to find out about that and more, you have come to the right place. Be sure to read till the end and don’t hesitate to drop any comments or questions you might have in the comment box at the end of the article.

Overview of The Asokoro Neighborhood

Where is Asokoro located in Abuja?

Asokoro is one of the most popular places in Abuja and for quite an obvious reason. It is a very developed neighborhood in the Federal Capital Territory. It is a very gorgeous, attractive and exclusive neighborhood where you will find a lot of the upper-class individuals and personalities in Abuja. And if you are looking for where lots of important international and national institutions are, best believe you will find many of them in Asokoro Abuja.

If you are looking for where to find society’s high and mighty in Abuja, one of the places where you will find them in their numbers is Asokoro. People with massive net worths, prestigious government personalities, business moguls, celebrities, all can be found here.

There are so many things to be seen and experienced in Asokoro Abuja. Many of the foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in the Federal Capital Territory can be found in Asokoro. It’s in Asokoro that you will also find the Presidential Complex, which is popularly known as the Aso Villa. The neighborhood is literally where the seat of power is, which no doubt explains why the area is so highly secure.

Where is Asokoro Located in Abuja?

Where is Asokoro located in Abuja?

Where is Asokoro located in Abuja? Well, it’s no other place than the phase 1 region of Abuja which means it is a highly developed district as all of phase 1 is fully developed. It is also in the Abuja Municipal Area Council, one of the best local government areas in Abuja and Nigeria.

Social Amenities in Asokoro Abuja

Being an exclusive and high-brow neighborhood, Asokoro has many high-end restaurants, shops, hotels, and hang-out spots. Some of the prominent places where people frequent in Asokoro are The Wells Carlton Hotel & Apartments, E-Suites Luxury Hotel, Agura Hotel, Corinthia Villa Hotel, Stratton Hotel, Drumstix, A Class Restaurant, National Children’s Park and Zoo, and many others.

Getting Around

Asokoro is bordered on the northwest by Abuja Central Area, on the south by Guzape, and on the west by Garki. The major roads that serve the area are Yakubu Gowon Crescent, Murtala Muhammed Expressway, Ahmadu Bello Way, and Shehu Shagari Way.

Land and Houses in Asokoro

Where is Asokoro located in Abuja?

The infrastructure in Asokoro Abuja is among the best that you will find in Abuja. It is a serene neighborhood with views so gorgeous they can melt depression away. Lots of important landmarks in the Federal Capital Territory are easily accessible from the district. And it is one of the safest places in Abuja.

Asokoro is mostly occupied by people with super deep pockets. So, being an affluent neighborhood, the district has some of the most expensive houses and land in Abuja.


Asokoro is located in Phase 1 of Abuja in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. It is one of the most popular and most affluent neighbrhoods in Abuja.

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