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Idu Abuja Is In What Local Government?

Idu Abuja Is In What Local Government?

Do you want to find out which local government area Idu Abuja is located in? Keep reading to find out.

Overview of Idu Abuja

Idu Abuja

Idu Abuja, also known as Idu Industrial, is a developing district in Abuja located in the Phase 4 region of the Federal Capital Territory. Idu Abuja is in proximity to a major industrial area in Abuja where you will find industrial companies in their numbers, all involved in various business ventures.

Idu also serves as an intermediary stop for the Abuja light rail, which runs from Abuja Central Business District through to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. It serves as an interchange between the Abuja-Kaduna Standard Gauge Railway and the Abuja light rail transportation system.

As a result of its proximity to one of the major industrial areas in Abuja and having a train transit running through it, Idu Abuja is endowed with good infrastructure and continues to grow and develop. This is one of the factors that led to the building of several housing estates in the area. Due to this, one of the most rapidly developing areas in Idu Abuja is an area called Idu Corridor.

There are ample public services, and social amenities in the district and all are within easy reach. Some noteworthy places in the district include the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, the Idu Customary Court, and the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development.

Which Local Government Area is Idu Abuja?

Idu Abuja

Idu is located in the Abuja Municipal Area Council, also called AMAC. It is one of the six local government areas in Abuja and also, something I always like to mention, it is one of the best run local government areas in Abuja and out of the 774 local government areas that we have in Nigeria.

Getting Around Idu

Towards the north of Idu Abuja is the Life Camp district, towards the east is Karmo, and towards the south is the industrial area. There are several districts towards the west, but most of them are still not very developed.

Idu Abuja is connected to Ring Road 2 by the Inner Northern Road. It is easy to access the other outer districts using Ring Road 2, either from the northern or southern section of the city.

Another road that is close to Idu is the Zuba Garki Road, which is the road that lets you easily access Abuja Central Business District. Going to the Abuja Central Business District takes about a 30-minute drive.

Houses and Lands In Idu

If you are maybe looking to invest in the real estate business, the Idu area makes for an ideal location as it is located in a really great area in outer Abuja and infrastructure in the area keeps on getting better. If you need to find cheap houses and land in Abuja, you might want to consider Idu Abuja. A good news for those who choose to invest in real estate is that they are bound to see an increase in value in properties as the district keeps undergoing development and because of the real estate boom.


Idu Abuja is in the Abuja Municipal Area Council and it is an industrial area in the Federal Capital territory. Did you enjoy this article? Tell me what your thoughts are in the comment section and follow for more updates.

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