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How Much is Abuja to Jos by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Jos by Road?

Miss Fay wants to know how much is Abuja to Jos by road because she is planning on traveling to Jos.

The Abuja to Jos route is the busiest route among all North Central Routes. Here in this article, we see how much it will cost you to travel from Abuja to Jos by road.

How Much is Abuja to Jos by Road?

Abuja to Jos by road price is between $3 to $5 on average.

There are only a few standard transport companies that ply the Abuja to Jos route. Most of the vehicles you see on the road are commercial taxis owned by individuals.

In order to estimate the transport fare, we are going to consider the ticket prices for the notable transport companies going to and fro Abuja and Jos.

Plateau Riders

Plateau Riders is a state-owned transport company plying the Abuja – Jos route. The company has terminals and branches across the country.

In Abuja, their terminal is located at Utako.

Plateau Rides charges between $3 and $5 (N1,500 – N2,000) from Abuja to Jos. They offer convenient interstate travel services on this very route.

Blue Whale

With a terminal in Karu Extension, Karu, Abuja, Blue Whale is the second most popular travel company plying the Abuja – Jos route.

Blue Whale charges between $4 and $6 (N1,800 – N2,500).

Traveling from Abuja to Jos? Few Things to Consider

There are always things to consider before you embark on any journey. Notable things you need to put in the shadow before you embark on your Abuja to Jos voyage include the following:


It is always important that you consider your budget before considering whether or not to embark on a journey. But one thing to note in this case is that the bus ticket prices only vary slightly.

However, don’t fall victim to circumstances, just because you decide to go low on budget and enter unregistered vehicles. Even though these vehicles offer cheaper prices, your safety and convenience may be detrimental.


Although there is one main route from Abuja to Jos, some alternative routes still exist that motorists often ply for one reason or the other.

Always ensure to make inquiries on the route the buses take even before buying your ticket. If the route taken is ok by you, you are good.

Location of Terminal

Where is the terminal located from your home in Abuja? This is another point that matter when selecting a bus from Abuja to Jos.

Always go for bus terminals with the closest proximity to where you stay.


Bus transport companies provide different packages for the convenience of their passengers. Don’t just hop on any bus without asking questions.

Questions you need to ask should cover things like the total number of people the bus carries, sitting arrangement, and provision for snacks.


People travel from Abuja to Jos almost every hour of the day, that’s to show you how busy the route is. This is why you need to be extra careful not to be victimized by unregistered transport companies, most of which use small taxis for their operations.

Just before we go, remember to:

  • Leave your house early even though it is a short trip.
  • Read the signposts to know your whereabouts.
  • Remind the driver of your get-off destination as you are approaching the town.
  • Hold a sweater, temperatures can get very mild in Jos compared to Abuja.

We hope that this article answers your “how much is Abuja to Jos” question.

Bookmark for your travel and relocation guide worldwide.

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