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How Much is Abuja to Lafiya by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Lafiya by Road?

For those looking for the answer to “how much is Abuja to Lafiya by road”, this article is your most useful resource.

Lafiya is the capital of Nassarawa State and is located in North-Central Nigeria.  

Here’s a quick summary of what it entails to travel from Abuja to Lafiya, Nassarawa State.

Abuja to Lafiya Quick Facts

  • Distance: 192.1 km
  • Route: Via A234 and Makurdi – Jos Road/A3
  • Duration of Travel: 3 hr 16
  • Bus Ticket Price: $16 – $ 25

How Much is Abuja to Lafiya by Road?

The cost of traveling from Abuja to Lafia by road is $16 – $ 25; variations may arise due to certain conditions.

Different transport companies may charge differently. Also, nice air-conditioned cars will definitely set a higher price because of the additional comfort provided.

How many Hours from Lafiya to Abuja by Bus?

Going via A234 and Makurdi – Jos Road/A3, it will take approximately 3 hours and 16 minutes to reach Lafiya from Abuja.

Distance from Abuja to Lafiya by Road

The total distance from Abuja to Lafiya is about 192.1 km. This is the distance you will travel via the A234 and Makurdi – Jos Road/A3 route.

What to Consider when Choosing a Bus from Abuja to Lafiya

When choosing a bus to patronize on this journey, you will need to look at some of the dynamics outlined before to guide you in decision-making. 


First, consider how much you have to put on the table for the Abuja – Lafiya journey. Go back to your drawing table and check what you have budgeted and make your choice as an economically discipli9ned personality.


Where the bus terminal is located is another good factor to consider when selecting choosing a bus for this journey. Always go for bus terminals near your home, to save yourself a lot of stress.


Is there any special package that you expect from the transport company such as the availability of air conditioning or special seating arrangement? Ask your questions at the point of ticket sales before you pay.

Note that with more packages come higher price tags. You may want to put this in mind in an effort to stay within budget.

Some Travel Tips for You

Here are a few tips to keep handy:

  • Sit by the window side. You have to get to the park early if you want to get window seats.
  • Prepare for any changes in weather as you are traveling to an entirely different region of the country.
  • Get some pain relievers because there are bound to be bumps and stretches on the road
  • Road signs are important; always keep an eye on them to know your bearing.
  • Be in contact with someone at your destination via text messages and phone calls.
  • Your luggage should not be far from you at any point in time throughout the duration of the journey.

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