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How Much is Abuja to Lagos by Road?

How Much is Abuja to Lagos by Road?

One of the major routes in Nigeria is traveling the long distance from Abuja to Lagos. Perhaps you may want to know, “how much is Abuja to Lagos by road?”. This article has all the answers you need.

Even with the relocation of the FCT from Lagos to Abuja in 1991, Lagos still remains one of the largest cities in sub-Saharan Africa and a big port. The city still houses major government seats, though most are unofficial and pending relocation.

Choosing Abuja to Lagos Bus

Several factors have to be jotted down when you are thinking of choosing a bus from Abuja to Lagos. Some of the factors worthy of consideration include the following:


The first thing to put to paper when embarking on any journey is your budget. How much you have and are ready to spend for the journey matters a lot in selecting the type of bus or the transport company to patronize from Abuja to Lagos.

To have a smooth Abuja to Lagos transportation process, stick to your planned budget.


The distance from Abuja to Lagos (depending on the route) is around 695 to 772 kilometers. For this reason, you might really want to look into your convenience as you ply this long journey. You don’t want to end up getting squashed after a long journey of 8 to 9 hours.

Consider Abuja to Lagos distance and choose the bus that suits your convenience.


Which route you follow on this journey determines how fast you reach your destination. Different companies have different routes they take, so consider picking the route that works for you.

Proximity to Your House

Yes, consider picking a part that is near where you stay so that you will be able to meet the early bus.

How Much is Abuja to Lagos by Road?

Different companies charge differently from Abuja to Lagos. Various factors account for this.

Below is the list of some of the transport companies and how much they charge:

S. No. Transport CompanyPriceTake Off TimeBooking Website
1.ABC Transport$17 – $20 (₦7,500 to ₦9,000)06:15am, 07:00am, 04:00pm 
2.GIGM Transport$ 24 (₦10,050)05:30am, 06:15am, 07:00am
3.GUO Transport$15 to $19 (₦6,750 to ₦8,500)05:30am, 06:00am
4.Chisco Group Transport Company$18 – $19 (₦8,000 to ₦8,500)06:00am, 05:30pm, 07:00pm
5.Cross Country$18 – $19  (₦8,000 – ₦8,500)05:30am, 06:00am, 08:00am
Abuja to Lagos Road Price

Who Should not Travel from Abuja to Lagos by Road

The Abuja Lagos journey is not for everyone. Yes, there are people we will advise to look for alternative means of transport and most specifically flight.

For the elderly and above the age of 50, it is advisable for you not to travel by road. Consider your bladder, especially for those with urinary problems.

Another category of people that should not travel from Abuja to Lagos by road would be those with motion sickness. If you are one, then you should consider air transport also.


If you want to enjoy your journey from Abuja to Lagos, consider sitting by the window when you arrive at the pack early. Also, ensure to keep your luggage close to you and keep an eye on them.

Finally, don’t take too many liquid substances while on this journey because you may not get the chance to take a “wee” easily especially if it comes around areas designated as “danger zones”.

Do enjoy your trip and have a safe one. cares.

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